15 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

Our inboxes are filled with the latest and greatest in brand-new parenting commodities every day. From exciting new playthings and deft innovations for child to implements that improve prepare raising teenagers just a little easier, our editors please select some of their favourite launches this month.

1. Bugaboo by Gray Malin Gray Malin for Bugaboo breezy sun canopy

Photo courtesy of West Coast Kids

“This special edition Breezy Sun Canopy will have you and your baby soaking up the summer. Featuring Malin’s iconic aerial coast photography, the canopy keeps the sun rays away from your babe with UPF 50+ armour while still leaving you with a gentle breath thanks to the side mesh panels.”–Kevin John Siazon, Assistant Editor


2. Printed Silicone Bibs printed silicone bibs for baby

Photo courtesy of Loulou Lollipop

“There are few parenting assignments I like less than picking up the nutrient my toddler drops off their high chair.( If I have to scrape another sodden Cheerio off the kitchen floor, I quit .) So you can imagine my succor when I discovered these silicone bibs with a catch-all pouch. And that rainbow confine color blueprint?* heart look emoji* ”–Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor


3. Two-Year-Old Play Kits two-year-old playing with wooden toy camper and wooden people in sleeping bags

Photo courtesy of Lovevery

“Lovevery Play Kits are due act chests customized to your child’s age.( They even using them for newborns and babies .) But the toddler months are when it gets really fun( and exhausting ), particularly with all this time stuck at home lately.( I’ve expend many a late light scouring Instagram or Pinterest for ECE-approved activity minds, thinking,’ But I is no longer a improved early childhood educator !’) Instead of doing all that work yourself, the affords and play video games elicits literally land on your doorstep every three months, with an accompanying usher with’ projects for how to play […] backed by all the research you don’t have time to read .’ Perfect. The subscription is quite pricey ($ 120 US per carton, which arrives every three months ), but the contents are emphatically Montessori-style and minimalist in blueprint, so you’ll probably want to hang onto the beautiful wooden playthings afterwards instead of precisely feeling overwhelmed by more clutter coming into your live. A test toddler container might have affords for a pouring depot; chore posters; tongs, buttons and fastens for developing fine motor skills and finger strength; or go-tos like stacking cups, peg dilemmas and card records. If you’re running low-toned on creative activity hypothesis with little kids cooped up at home all day, every day, this is a worthwhile investment. ”–Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor

$120 US per gear,

4. Developmental Play Packs developmental play kit

Photo courtesy of Toys R Us

“Now this is a smart idea! In partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, plaything retailer Playthings R Us Canada has put together a variety of different toy bundles, with each one focussed on developing a specific skill, such as cognitive, blatant and punishment engine, and communication and usage. I’m eyeing the Outdoor Activity Play Pack for my younger chap. — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief

from $ 56,

5. The Varsity Capsule by Hilary MacMillan kids customizable varsity jacket

Photo courtesy of Hilary MacMillan

“These cooler-than-cool varsity furs are exactly what your little feminist needs to round out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit( if class end up re-opening, that is ). My beloved constituent? A section of the advances goes to charity. Plus, if you’re into matching ensembles, you can get one in an adult size for yourself, very. Win-win! ”–Kevin John Siazon, Assistant Editor


6. The Kegel Release Curve metal wand used to help with kegels

Photo courtesy of KR Curve

“Massaging your perineal muscles–the ones that are linked your anus to your vagina–can reduce crying during transmission and improve postpartum recovery. But contacting down there when you’re eight months pregnant isn’t exactly easy. The KRcurve is a medical position stainless steel bar that you put precisely past the enter to your vagina and gently massage the muscles. Bonus: you can cool it in the fridge after childbirth and use it to sooth the perineum.”–Claire Gagne, Senior Editor


7. Postpartum Recovery Kit Fridamom postpartum recovery kit

Photo courtesy of

“There are lots of things you’ll wishing postpartum, including maxi pads, nipple ointment and a perineal squirt bottle. Fridababy Fridamom–you might recollect their kick-ass, viral commercial-grade about current realities of postpartum recovery–has put a cluster of their products all together in a Postpartum Recovery Kit, with a storage caddy for obstructing everything at the ready on the top of the bathroom. For $99, you’ll receive four pairs of disposable postpartum underwear; voodoo hazel pad liners( which have a cooling effect ); perineal healing foam; and’ Instant Ice Maxi Pads .’ If only four to six straight uninterrupted hours of sleep could come in the kit, too. Note: This also makes a great gift for that friend whose due date is quickly approaching.”–Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor


8. Mommy and Mini collection mom and daughter with matching straw backpacks

Photo courtesy of Poppy and Peonies

“This is the perfect line to take advantage of while my children still picture I’m cool–and way more stylish than their indicated neon tutus. All three of us agree, the raffia Beachcomber suitcase is the excellent barbecue companion.”–Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor

from $ 75,

9. Allerject Epinephrine Injection epinephrine auto-injectors

Photo courtesy of Allerject

“My children don’t have meat reactions, and I’m always fearful I won’t remember how to insert epinephrine if one of their friends has an allergic reaction at my home. The Allerject epinephrine autoinjector makes that concern away by talking you through the steps for after you pull off the detonator. It’s also small-scale enough to fit in a pocket.( The Allerject autoinjector was recalled in 2015 due to dosage concerns but is now back on the market .) ”–Claire Gagne, Senior Editor

10. Bontrager Jet WaveCel child bike helmet Bontrager Jet WaveCel child bike helmet with personalizing stickers

Photo courtesy of Trek

“You might reflect a helmet’s a helmet, but this one proves otherwise. This skater-style kids’ bicycle helmet boasts WaveCel technology, which assimilates the force of an impact before it contacts your head, plus it has a magnetic fasten, symbolizing no more pinched paws. I likewise desire that it comes with fun stickers so boys can personalize their helmet .” — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief


Food bulletin

While we don’t often facet food in this section, there were too many huge brand-new concoctions we couldn’t refuse sharing. Check out these appetizing additives to your summertime barbecues.

1. Neale’s Sweet’ N Nice Neale's Sweet 'N Nice ice cream surrounded by tropical fruits

Photo courtesy of Neale’s Sweet’ N Nice

” In a term when we’re can’t flee to the Caribbean, these tropical ice cream aromas will take your tastebuds on a tropical trip. This ice cream is Canadian-made and inspired by the secret recipes of’ Grandad’ Charles Neale who used to pedal through the streets of Trinidad in the 1940 s selling his goods. I’m most excited to try out the pineapple coconut aroma .” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

$ 6, major grocery retailers across Canada,

2. Yellowfruit Yellowfruit ice cream in store packaging

Photo courtesy of Yellowfruit

” Even if you don’t chew dairy, you can still get your ice cream fix. This nippy plant-based analyse is made from a banana basi and comes in three aromas: chocolate, mango and strawberry. These have been a great guilt-free treat during the heat wave we’ve been having the last few weeks .” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

$ 6, major grocery retailers across Canada,

3. Halo Top Exclusively Canadian Line-up three tubs of Halo Top ice cream with toppings spilling out

Photo courtesy of Halo Top

” Canada Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in aromas like Butter Tart, Maple Pecan and Chocolate Honeycomb all time long. I’m especially partial to Butter Tart, which has chunks of pasty layer in it. All three flavors are surprisingly debased at merely 360 calories per jug .” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

$ 6, major grocery retailers across Canada,

4. Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage in store packaging

Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat

” Just in time for grilling season, the popular plant-based company is now take sausages. Coming in Mild Italian and Hot Italian, these sausages claim to deliver the same satisfaction of a pork sausage without the compromise. I tried these at a family barbecue on the weekend and no one knew they weren’t real flesh .” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

$10, major grocery retailers across Canada,

5. Maple Leaf 50/50 burger 50/50 burger in store packaging

Photo courtesy of Maple Leaf Foods

” Not ready to go altogether plant-based? These brand-new burgers pleased to meet you half way. Because they’re made from a fifty-fifty combo of premium meat and plant-based ingredients, you can cut down your meat consumption without altogether devoting it up .” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

$ 7, major grocery retailers across Canada,

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