17 Creepy Theories About Aliens You Might Not Have Considered

They could be multiplying us

” Aliens could do to us what we did to wolves, selectively breeding a once princely categories in grotesque actions, altering us into the equivalent of bulldogs, poodles, dacshunds, etc .” — flipester

They wouldn’t even notice if they destroyed us entirely

” One assumption is that if they are sufficiently boosted that immigrants may plow us like ants. When we build dikes, we don’t worry about whether or not a barrier will stimulate an ant slope to be filled out. Similarly, a category that is advanced as far beyond us as we are beyond ants might seek to alter our planet or even our solar system to their advantage without giving consideration to what may happen to us .” — Victor_HardApple

It would be safer in order to be allowed to come rid of us

” This reminded us of the Dark Forest Theory. Like hunters in a” pitch-dark forest”, a civilization can never be certain of an alien civilization’s true desires. In summary 😛 TAGEND

~ All life desires to stay alive.

~ There is no way is to determine whether other lifeforms can or will destroy you if given a chance.

~ Lacking guarantees, the safest option for any genus is to annihilate other life organizes before they have a chance to do the same .” — 2020 Chapter

It could just be another pandemic

” For all we are familiar, aliens had not been possible to the’ little dark-green people’ that fly around in flying saucers and destroy us with laser rafters- they could be an interstellar pathogen that show up one day and silently and effortlessly kills us all without warning. Our immune systems would have no idea what thumped them .” — CaptainWisconsin

Completely different decency

” Our human concepts of moral and empathy are heavily influenced by our mammalian biology.

Imagine that aliens moor, and instead of having nice little family units their categories places controls of thousands of eggs at a time. They don’t anatomy strong bonds. Life is essentially expendable for them. They hear us grieving over a dead child and they have literally no reference system for understanding why this “wouldve been” upsetting.

I’m not saying all aliens will be like this; but some emphatically could be .” — ToBePacific

Our worst dread

” What if there really is valuable information to be gained from anal examinations ?” — HarlanCedeno

The demons “couldve been” us

” What if it terminates up the other way round? What if we end up being able to travel between the stars, and we find some aliens that aren’t as technologically advanced as well? I is likely to be experience us being imperialist aggressors, committing the outrages we’ve committed against each other on an part categories so we could have a second planet with an oxygen ambiance and readily obtainable national resources. That would be truly horrifying .” — Victor_HardApple

They may not be concerned about us at all

” The scariest thing to me is thinking that aliens want good-for-nothing to do with us.

I don’t get why everyone thinks that aliens would attack us immediately. It’s one thing if we come into their territory, but if they stumble upon us we’re most likely safe. Them noticing us would mean they are incredibly boosted. Anything they could get by attacking earth they are unable to do far easier by harvesting it from a different planet in our solar system. Unless they feed specifically on brainwaves, it isn’t worth the hassle to criticize a planet teeming with life they may have some weapons, however primitive, that might be used against you.

It’s far better fearing to believe that aliens have/ will one day detect the americans and won’t be interested, They won’t want us on their intergalactic counselings, they won’t want to give us medicine, they won’t want to form any bond. If they decide to just leave humanity alone, that wants either they have decided we are not worth saving, or that we are too close to destruction to be worth the resources .” — BombsNBeer

They’re vaccinating themselves against us

” Maybe all these theorized alien abductions and UFOs over the past 100 years have been alien scientists building vaccinations against our known diseases for themselves and adapting their own medical immunities for humans extremely- monitoring our progress against our own diseases so when both civilizations are on top of it we can be welcomed into the galactic crimp safely .” –[ removed ]

We won’t even verify them coming

” That one day they are able to precisely sweep away our planet without us ever knowing why and that it will be so fast we don’t even realize it .” — Jenova6 6

What it means for us if foreigners aren’t real

” That they don’t actually exist. If there were no boosted civilization that can colonize other planets, that would mean that most of them travel extinct before they reach that height of technological advancement, which means that we are probably doomed to extinction too .” — bullet-cat

We’d be cattle to them

” Maybe they discuss us like we are dealing with boars, cows and chickens .” — HansMustermann

They is no longer able poop

” They might not have orifices for snacking or pooping.

Hear me out. Roughly “peoples lives” on earth is topologically equivalent to a donut. Meaning we have an outside wall and an inside wall( digestive and respiratory line) that runs like a depression through us, and our important flecks are sandwiched between these walls.

One of the only examples of life that isn’t like that would be for example single-celled organisms, amoebas and such, which only kind of ooze over whatever they acquire sustenance from and osmos it into themselves. Currently on earth merely micro creatures are like that( revise: too some eerie ocean characters ).

But there are fogies dating from before the Cambrian explosion from millions of years ago which hint that a completely different type of large and complex organisms might have progressed to walk the earth before that evolutionary ancestry was wiped out by an asteroid or the like. One of the oldest of these uncommon fossils is of a zero-orificed creature that was about a rhythm long! We don’t have a lot of info from life during that age but it reveals there may have been an entire evolutionary track of complex life organizes favoring life that is topologically equivalent to ball instead of donut. And that’s on EARTH.

So, yeah. We could is a good one find an entire planet of beings, oozy amoebas of assorted species and intelligence, who neither feed, speak, or shit like we do. Merely try figuring out how to beach THAT culture and lingo barricade .” — Maxwells_Demona

They’ve already noped out

” That they’ve spotted us, celebrated from a distance for the past ten years or so, and have declared the planet a disaster area that nobody should ever visit .” — CaptainsLincolnLog

Interstellar capitalism

” You know those tribes that live on islands in the Pacific that haven’t had technological progress in thousands of years? That’s us.

You know those international logging fellowships that would adoration a chance to just come plow over small island developing and take what’s there?

Somewhere, there’s an immigrant Greenpeace that’s just barely going by on a shoelace plan .” — buyongmafanle

The Dark Forest Theory

” The Dark Forest ideology kinda junkies me out. The macrocosm is a dark forest. Every civilization is an forearmed hunter haunt through the trees like a specter, gently pushing aside chapters that block the path and trying to tread without resonate. Even breathing is done with care. The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he notes another life–another hunter, angel, or a demon, a fragile newborn to wobbly old person, a fairy or demigod–there’s only one thing he can do: open fire and eliminate them .” — Juturna_

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