2020 – A Numerology Perspective About the Corona Virus

numerology virus Numerology Focuses on a Virus That Has Changed Our World.

Who would have thought that the brand-new decade would is putting forward a pandemic? A rather unusual numerology perspective, would be that the virus is the conduit to growth from the chaos of the pride( 1) to gathering together through the heart( 2 ). Our challenge is to have faith rather than fear.

What a time on our planet! I am going through so many sentiments. Fear, lonelines, and embarrassment are some. But more importantly, what is beginning to evolve in my consciousness and my ties-in throughout our world is a new sense of sorrow and support.

Our engineering is eventually come full circle. Rather than closing off human contact with everyone looking at their i-phone or reading emails on their computer , now beings are congregating through zoom and social media. Group chats have appeared to remove the isolation in our homes.

At this moment, beings are amassing online, to dance and converse with friends; musicians going virtual as they sing and play piano; and talk evidence legions offering their gigs online from their homes, with their children running around in front of the camera.

I am so moved by all of this. How interesting when you look at an essay I wrote back in January *.

2020- Moving From the “I” to the “We”

Back early January, I wrote a berth about 2020 and the third decade of the 21 st century, the 20 s. In point, 2020 has two’ 2′ s and two’ zeros ‘.( We will never see this combination in our lifetime again .) According to numerology, two is all about support, relationships, and cooperation processes. Zero is reaching into the unknown to find the answers. Ideas and happenings beyond what we have experienced develop if we choose to listen.

numerology virusInfinity is a painting by Greer Jonas

Further, we turn back to the second decade of the 21 st century which was the 10 s( 2010 -2 019 ). The ” 1 ” represents the ego, and the “I”. We are now in the third decade, the activities of the decade of the 20 s( 2020 -2 029 ). The “2” is the power of the heart and the “We”. It is all about support( the 2) rather than the sentiment( the one)

Who knew how this would reveal? Who would have ever imagined this lesson, as we are forced to go deep into ourselves, locked up in our dwellings?

Yet rising up and looking at the bigger picture, we now are truly forced to learn about support and passing to others in a new way.* Read more of the January article .

Listen to part 1 and part 2 of an interrogation I had with astrologer Maria Luisa Ruiz* and myself about the effect of 2020 on “peoples lives” from a numerology and astrology perspective.

Bottom line of part one and part two is the lesson of Cooperation and Faith. We will all get through this with a new fervent connection to what it means to be human.* You can reach Maria Luisa at marialuisa.ruiz @gmail. com.

The Astrological and Numerological effect of 2020, Part 1

The Astrological and Numerological the consequences of 2020, Part 2

This Can Be Our Finest Hour, But We Need All of You

A dear friend sent me this beautiful article by Gretchen Schmelzer that I would like to send to every residence on this planet. It genuinely describes the bigger picture.

” For the largest part of parties nationwide and worldwide, this virus is not about you. “Its one of” those ages in life, in record, when your actions are about something bigger. They are about someone else. They are about something greater, a greater good that you may not ever witness. A party you will save who you are able to never congregate .” –Gretchen Shmelzer

Read more of the original essay here.

Gretchen Schmelzer, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and a trauma survivor who has worked for twenty-five years with the complex issues of trauma, consolidation, and behavior change across all levels, from people to radicals to massive systems and countries.

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