3 Ways London Fashion Week is Encouraging Mindful Consumption

London Fashion Week is now in full swing, and in addition to getting five day’s worth of nose candy, clients of registers can also enjoy a smack of eco-minded style thanks to different initiatives led by the British Fashion Council. From sipping sustainably to committing a stage to labels with an inventive ethos, here’s how #LFW is living up to its #positivefashion vision.

Plastic water bottles are out, tote bags are in

At the British Fashion Council show space at 180 The Strand, prove goers can ask for a free S’well bottle to use throughout LFW and beyond. And decorator Richard Malone cooperating with the BFC and Bags of Ethics( tm) to create a canvas pouch for drag around invites, freebies and most importantly, snacks.

Photography by Zoe Lower/ British Fashion Council

Making space for firebrands propagandizing the dial

From 3am Eternal’s upcycled wares to Stay Wild’s sustainable swimwear crafted from training materials obligated with squander such as fabric scraps, the Positive Fashion exhibition at this year’s event is chock full of inventives and their novel theories that redefine what it means to design with purpose.

Nurturing a circular economy

Finding the privilege outfit is a must during any fashion week, and LFW is reaching it easier to be done in order to an eco-friendly way thanks to a partnership with Swap Shop by Patrick McDowell and Global Fashion Exchange. Client can bring unwanted draping components in( approval process in effect) and leave with previously affection fragments for their wardrobes.

Not at LFW? Not to worry, here are 11 ways you can lead a more sustainable life wherever you are.

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