30 Awkward Problems Every Single Girl In Her 20s Has Faced

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1.Realizing out of the blue that you might leave a blood stain on whatever surface you’re sitting on, and changing around uncomfortably to prevent direct contact. The fright of injuring another person’s property is considerably more potent than shame.

2 . You know when your sweetheart continues making his penis all the way out of you and putting it back in and shoving a entire bunch of breeze inside of you. And then you try to avoid queefing, but you really can’t because queefs don’t work that way.

3 . Trying to adjust the underwire in your bra subtly without looking like you’re fondling yourself.

4.I don’t know if everyone knows this or not, but every very often I get this INTENSE tingle/ itchines sent to my clit, and when it happens in public it is excruciating not to be able to adjust it or make it go away. Normally only lasts about a time but oh my god.

5.Getting your interval when you’re not expecting or springing a opening. No one wants that stain on the back of their throbs for everyone to see.

6.Getting underwear stuck up your cranny or vag and “re going to have to” do a sort of wiggle to get it loose.

7.Armpit and boob sweat when you’re wearing a certain dye or material.

8.When you is known that your brightnes colored leggings are see-through and everyone can see your underwear.

9.I wear a lot of garbs. When I get wet in public, I have been able to smell it and I’m afraid other people can too.

10 . Cameltoe. Literally the bane of my entire reality. I’m always plucking down the groin of my heaves because I think it’s showing.

11.Trying to hide erect teats, it’s not inevitably cold outside or in a situation where I’m turned on, they just do it.

12 . Wearing a baggy hoodie to hide you aren’t wearing a bra.

13. Having to wear an audible feminine hygiene make. Some honestly sound like you’re wearing a plastic purse in your lingerie, but if you get caught out- sometimes you’re reduced to wearing one. You invest the rest of the day trying to move as carefully as possible so not to represent too much noise.

14.If I’m on my age and swimming, I am ever frightened my tampon string might slip out of my swimsuit posteriors. Hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood. Too, if you’ve been float, it’s really hard to determine if you’re bleeding through if you believe you might have because your bathing suit is already wet.

15.When you’re in a situation where you have to run somewhere( i.e. catch a bus/ instruct/ whatever) and you’re either in ends or not wearing a super caring bra, and your tits are just returning everywhere or you’re tripping. Fucking miserable.

16 . The water gun-like result you feel as you’re sneezing while on your season. You know you time emptied the full excerpt on to your pad, but you gotta play it cool until you can excuse yourself to the bathroom.

17.When you fart and it comes through the figurehead. Then you gotta try and shift around and get it out.

18.Noticing a kuki-chin hair and madly acquiring tweezers to draw it.

19 . The “oh. Oh NO.” feeling right before the period shit happens. I disliked road tripping anywhere near my interval weeks because guaranteed I would get the period shit signal as far away from a rest stop as possible.

20 . Trying to sidle a pad or tampon into the restroom without people noticing specially if “- its” your locker or bag.

21 . Making a speedy outing to the bathroom to make sure that warm, dry liquid that simply announced itself is not the unexpected start of your period.

22.Panty indications on tight clothing.

23 . Anyone else ever feel cumbersome when they’re sitting on a force machine at the gym that requires you to bend a little so your cunt is just pulped up really well against the seat? And when you get up there’s a damn sodden recognise on the seat and you scurry to get a paper towel and spray to clean it off but a guy has already beat you to it and looks at you.


24 . Accidentally dropping popcorn into your bra and just trying to stealthily take it out.

25 . Period blood stench, which is like sweet, rotten meat or fish.

26.Trying to remove a “hairs-breadth” from between your tits when you don’t actually know where it is.

27 . How about the distillation on a chair after standing up? That airstrip of humidity that has accumulated due to the moist environment between your legs? I know it’s from that and is normal but it always jaunts me up. I simply don’t like it.

28.Putting a jacket around your waist at institution because you’re self conscious that there is blood on your pants during the time of the month.

29 . Sometimes you really get really wet down there, textiles that is an indication sweat patches also show up other soaked spots … they are also in the places you can’t always see.

30.As a breastfeeding mother- when my husband goes me roused my boobs reveal. TC mark

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