30-Minute Booty Blast

Are you a super busy bee wanting to give your behind a boost? IFBB Bikini Pro Jennifer Andrews has got you covered with her brand-new 30 -MINUTE FIT FAST WORKOUT! Jennifer, owned of Fine Fanny Fitness, designed this BOOTY BLASTING program employ some of her favorite( and scientifically-proven) exerts to strengthen and shape the glutes. It’s a hard one, but as Jennifer ever says, “What doesn’t break you will only utter you stronger! ”

OK, fairly talk. We’ve only got 30 minutes, so let’s get to work! Here’s the plan…


FIRE’ EM UP WITH PRE-EXHAUST. Targeting the glutes can be difficult. Oftentimes, you just can’t get the muscle firing and/ or the hamstrings and quads take over. This can be related to having tighten hip flexors, feeble glute muscles, poor form or simply sitting on your backside all day. To help you wake the booty up, the exercising starts with two seclusion utilizations that are very effective at participating the glutes. Then, when you progress to the compound usages, the muscle will be activated and prepared to work!

BUILD’ EM UP STRAIGHT List. The straight defines are deepened gestures that EMG research has shown to be effective for recruiting the glutes. Make sure to challenge yourself by using the heaviest value you are eligible tosafely abuse while ending all of the specified reps and maintaining proper anatomy. This will be helping muscle growth.

MAKE’ EM BURN FINISHERS. After you have completed the straight creates, you will perform a tri-set and then a finishing employ to deplete the glutes. You should downplay remainder between the exercises and feel a deep burn in the glute muscles.


Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! -Quadrupled Hip Extensions

Quadrupled Hip Extensions

Start on your hands and knees. Preventing knee inclination, promote one leg up and drive the heel to the ceiling.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Use ankle values to increase the intensity.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! - Side Lying Abductor

Side Lying Abductor

Put a resistance band around your knees and lie on your line-up. Bring your knees to a 90 -degree angle to your torso. Keeping your paw together, promote your top knee as high-pitched as you can. Lower and repeat.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Make sure to keep hostility in the band the part time — don’t earmark the knee of the working leg to come all the way back down to the starting position between reps.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! - Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust

Begin accommodated on the field with a workbench behind you. Place a barbell on your sip and lean against the bench. Lift your hips off of the field and sentiment foot such that your shins are consistent with those with your ankles. Then, thrust your hips up vertically— your shoulder blades and foot should be supporting your heavines. Gradually lower and repeat.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Push through your heels in the uphill motion. Thrust your hips as high up as you can and squeeze your glutes with everything you’ve went! ”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! Step-ups


Holding a dumbbellin each hand, target your left foot on top of a bench/ chest. Pressing through that paw, straighten the leg to stand on top of the bench/ chest. Then, in a inhibited flow, lower the right leg back down to the floor and keep the left leg on the bench. Repeat all reps on the left before swapping to the other side.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Step up with your load focused in your end to better target the glutes.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! One-Leg Squat

One-Leg Squat

Stand in a lunge position with the Smith Machine forbid resting on your captures. With your load focused in the front mend and the back foot thinly touching the field behind you for stability, lower into a squat. Pressing through the breast end return to the starting position. Complete all reps on one leg before proceeding to the next.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Don’t grant the knee of the breast leg to pass your ankle.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

Begin with legs about shoulder-width, grasping a kettlebell with both mitts. Push glutes back, stoop forward at the trendies and let your weapons fluctuating backward through legs. Then drive trendies forward to swing kettlebell to shoulder meridian. Your body should be in a straight line at the opening of the swing.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Remember … the supremacy comes from the glutes and hamstrings , not the arms. Your arms are just along for the ride. ” Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! One-leg Hyperextension

One-leg Hyperextension

Using a hyperextension bench, statu one paw on the programme stuck behind the ankle pads. The other leg should be outside of the pulpit. Keeping your back flat, flex forward slowly at the waist. Then, gradually raise your torso back up abusing your glutes and hamstring. Add weight for a more advanced movement.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Make sure to keep your back flat. Don’t round your back at the bottom or archway your back at the top.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! One-leg Stand-up

One-leg Stand-up

Sit and a bench and extend one leg forward in the air. Pressing through your heel, straighten the other leg to stand up. Then, gradually lower yourself back down to the bench. Repeat all reps on one side before moving on to the other.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Once you are cozy with the exercise, add a glowing barbell to your shoulders for an added challenge. Make sure to keep abs in tight throughout the movement.”

Fit Fast Booty Blast - A 30-minute butt-shaping workout! Band Walking Squat with Dumbbell

Band Walking Squat with Dumbbell

With a defiance clique stood around your ankles, hold dumbbell goblet-style. Then, take a step out with the fucking leg and squat. Bring the left leg in, but stop hostility in the band. Take another step out to the right and squat. Continue the lateral squat walk to the right for all the reps. Then perform the same motion to the left.

Jennifer’s Tip: “Step all the way out while performing the squat position. Keep your load in the heels and never earmark the knees to come over the toes.”


Jennifer shares her advice for a fit tush … 1. Push through the ends in any usage you are eligible to( i.e ., doodly-squats, plunges, presses, step-ups) to better target the glutes. Really “ve been thinking about” the range “youre working”! 2. Do a glutes-focused workout once per week 3. Perform sprints and plyometrics as part of your cardio. 4. Keep constant tension in the muscle when teaching. When the practice starts burning, KEEP GOING! 5. Don’t be scared to use ponderous values for your glute train, but make sure to keep the reductions in the targeted muscle. Don’t use such heavy weights that other muscles in the legs take over.


BeautyStrong. “This pre-workout meets me feel like Wonder Woman in the gym! I can elevate ponderous while having great perseverance and focus.”

BeautyRecover. “This post-workout recovery fuel duties magical on my absces stinker, and it savor breathtaking! I teach booty two times per week, so I need a fast retrieval. It too helps with that dilate feeling you get after you learn and helps to keep my cortisol tiers under control. As an digression, it is normal to feel a little bloated in your legs after a great workout. The muscle comprises sea to heal, but don’t worry … it will go away! ”

BeautyBum. “I swim in this stuff during contest prep, and it makes a big difference in the tightness and smoothness of my bark! ”


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Simenz, C. J ., et al. Electromyographical analysis of lower tip muscle activation during variations of the laden step-up use J Strength Cond Res. 26( 12 ): 3398 -3 405, 2012.

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