30 Seemingly ‘Nice’ Habits That Are Accidentally Making You Look Like A Total Asshole

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1 . Someone impounding the door for you when you are too far away so you have to either start running or stimulate them stand there an extra 10 seconds and definitely sounds like a dick.

2.If you think someone is upset about something and you ask them and they tell you they aren’t then just leave it alone. I know what this is mean well but insisting that someone” tell you what’s wrong” when there’s nothing wrong is a sure fire way to draw something wrong.

3 . Over-modesty.

The correct response to being praised or congratulated is’ thank you ‘. It is not to say shit like’ oh it’s nothing’ or’ it’s not that good ‘. Saying things like that induces the person complimenting you feel stupid and makes people who can’t or haven’t achieved what you have feel inadequate and useless.

No one likes a show-off, but there’s a stage of over-modesty that comes round to seeming boastful again, as if you’re above your achievements and so too above the achievements of others.

Take your praises, grazing them off is a shitty thing to do.

4.Unsolicited advice on my mental health conditions or chronic illness. Trust me I tried yoga, sea, vitamins, exercising, etc. I “ve known you” want to help but unless I expect I don’t want to talk about it, my life once revolves around it.

5.Saying bless you to someone after the 4th-5th sneeze and do on. If the person or persons prevents sneezing you don’t have to keep going until the 12 th fucking sneezing and so on.

6 . When a chap( frequently an older gentleman) affirms then looks at you and says sorry as if you’ve never heard a fucking swear word in your adult life as a woman. I generally react by saying don’t fucking am concerned about it.

7.When someone uses your call too often while talking to you. Dude, I know what my figure is.

8.Putting someone else on the phone. This happens ALL the time with their own families. I’ll call my aunt to chitchat and she’ll entrust the phone to my cousin to’ say hi ‘. My cousin on the other side of my family does it extremely. If I had wanted to talk to that person I would have called them immediately!

9.People who forever say ” tested positive, stop contemplating negative !” or overly optimistic men mystifies me as a path of being “encouraging” — it merely shows that you’re either being disingenuous towards what the other party is feeling, apathetic, ignorant, unreal, or all of the mentioned. Not saying the opposite is any better( I get annoyed with very pessimistic men just as much ), but impersonating that questions don’t exist isn’t a feasible mode to handle them.

10.Saying << hi >> only to women you find attractive and announcing that being polite.

11 . People who almost thrust you to eat and liquor when you visit their countries, to the point where they take it as a insignificant against them if you say no.

12 . I don’t like beings getting food for me, without questioning. I entirely appreciate the good desires, I exactly wish they wouldn’t do it.

13.Trying to arrange socialization for someone moving to a new city.

” Oh, you’re moving to bumblefuck? My sister’s hairdresser lives there, I’ll put you guys in signature !”

Please don’t.

14.Forcing your help on someone. Like: “Here, let me help you with that box.” Takes box without waiting for response.

15.Telling maidens that they seem better without makeup. I don’t wear makeup because I envisage I’m ugly, I wear makeup because the process is very soothing to me and I cherish hugging my natural boasts. Also, don’t tell me how much makeup I need to wear and how I” wear too much “. You don’t see me pointing out the things I don’t like about your look and attaining back passed compliments about it.

16.Asking “are you ok?” every five minutes.

17.Super specific, but being asked a question and then getting the” are you sure ?” after you answer is my number one pet peeve. I used to be stressed out to high-pitched heavens when I was a kid over making decisions. Like, to the point of cries sometimes. Because of that, I ended up being someone who obligates decisions in a split second and forces-out myself to stick to them.

I get it, everybody does that because they want to be polite and make sure you’re happy with whatever you decided. That’s my funny thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive me insane whenever I hear it.

Just because everybody else pussyfeet around whether or not they want to eat shitty pizza or shitty Chinese every fucking Friday doesn’t mean that I will. I overcompensate from my dumb infancy damage by knowing exactly what I miss, always, forever. It’s bordering on a character flaw at this top. I’M SURE.

18.When someone tries to pay for something for you and vow when “youre telling”,” No thanks .”

19.” Thoughts and prayers .”

20.Tapping on someone’s shoulder.

21.When the supermarket employee follows you around constantly asking,” Can I help you with anything ?”


23.People who say, “Smile!”

24.When you’re upset and someone notices and asks you what’s wrong in public in front of other people. Like I get that they’re trying to be helpful but asking me to talk about what’s bothering me in front of others and alerting others given the fact that I’m not ok is just terrible. Pull me to the side and privately talk to me PLEASE.

25.When you have grisly acne and people feel the need to stay stuff like,” It will get better. Have you tried drinking more irrigate ?”

26 . When you’re sharing an cocktail or whatever with someone you’re supposed to do the” no you have it” dance over the past gnaw. If you tell me to go ahead, I’m gonna eat it and I don’t wanna deal with any pouting/ stench eye.

27.Never making a decision or having an opinion.

28 . When parents insist that their minors give you a hug. Even if you know the parents well, the babies might not feel pleasant snuggling you and the whole situation time becomes awkward and embarrassing for them. I adore my nieces and nephews, but if they say no when I asking questions a grip I’ll respect that, it should be their choice.

29.Giving people pets as gifts.

30.Somebody waving you on in traffic when they have the right of way. TC mark

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