5 Invigorating Skincare Launches To Help With Your January Blues

Beauty product starts typically follow a certain seasonal structure: nourishing solaces and pastes started with ultra-relaxing perfumes( conclude: lavender or jasmine) during winter; radiant, citrusy smells( lemon, orange or grapefruit) in the summer. This year, beautiful brands have thankfully — and accurately — prophesied our collective need for some bright, refreshing skincare products in the winter.

Besides, this isn’t a case of really any ol’ winter blues. The epoches are dark and melancholy, the nights are cold, and the year was…well, you know. So why should we have to wait six months for our beloved bright and sunny scents? Thankfully, we don’t. Whether you’re a fan of crisp citrus smells or shining florals, you’ll want to keep these just-launched, freshening skincare concoctions next to your bunked, on your table and in your shower all winter long.( May we likewise recommend you read up on some super-easy behaviors to upgrade your wellness number this year ?)

If your January blue-bloodeds are feeling extra-blue this year, browsing some of the just-launched skincare produces that might just be able to brighten your epoches a little while you await the sweet succour of springtime.

A shower scrub by Kalmar

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A lemon-scented face scrub by Ole Henriksen

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A facial mist by Keys Soulcare

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A citrus shower gel by L'Occitane

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A body wash by the brand Native

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Invigorating Skincare Launches

With notes of crisp lemon and ginger, this body scrub is a bright and uplifting way to start your morning, especially when it’s cold and dreary outside.

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Inspired by a refreshing glass of lemonade and boasting a 10% mingle of glycolic and lactic acid, plus carbohydrate exfoliants and lemon peel remove, this scrub will slough away dead scalp cells while waking you — and your skin — up.

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This rose-scented witch hazel toner, the latest launch from Alicia Keys’ Soulcare line, makes a great midday pick-me-up.

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Made with nourishing Shea butter, this joyou, citrus-scented shower cream is part of L’Occitane’s restriction copy Invigorating Scent line. Need we say more?

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The deodorant brand has partnered with author, designer and Jungalow founder, Justina Blakeney on a limited edition line of deodorants and organization dries that” encompasses a world-wide of plants, good vibes and fresh air .” The Tangerine and Citrus Blossom scent is just the thing to awaken your senses this winter.

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