5 Reasons Not to Put Off a Low-dose Lung Screening

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Older man going into scannerBy Jennifer Bringle

With the COVID-1 9 pandemic force beings to change procedures and put closer to home, some may think it’s okay to bounce preventative healthcare appointments. But when it comes to regular lung screenings, there’s nothing routine about a scan that can save your life.

For those senilities 55 -8 0 who have a history of ponderous smoking, currently inhale or cease in the last 15 years, annual screenings are admonished. The low-dose CT scan is configured so that patients have minimum radiation exposure.

Oliver Binns, MD, a thoracic surgeon who practises at Asheville Heart, shares five important rationalizations not to put over a low-dose lung screening 😛 TAGEND

1. Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer for both men and women in the US. More parties die of lung cancer than colon, breast and pancreatic cancers mixed. 2. Early screening can want the difference between life and death. Lung cancer is a deadly disease because it’s so insidious in nature, it gets to be advanced before any manifestations occur. “Once evidences exist, it’s often too late to effectively treat, ” said Dr. Binns. “That’s why screening is so important.” 3. Lung screenings are most effective when acted yearly. When we first started the screening platform, we were finding a lot of advanced-stage cancers, but over the years we’ve actually started to shift the paradigm from late-stage diagnosis to early-stage diagnosis, which has a more favorable prognosis. “It’s longitudinal screening, ” said Dr. Binns. “You don’t just get one and you’re done.” 4. COVID-1 9 prevention measures ensure a safe see. We’re following all the CDC guidelines–the waiting areas are appropriately spaced, everyone has to wear a mask, “youre gonna” prescreened before you come into the facility with a temperature check and a brief questionnaire. “With safety measures in place, for us it has been pretty much business as usual, and I see the patients need to realize that, ” said Dr. Binns. 5. Multiple screening sites clear scheduling an appointment convenient. With six imaging midsts where cases can get quizs, we get the screening out even to remote areas so they don’t “re going to have to” drive to Asheville. Across the 18 districts of western North Carolina, we extradite the same better standards of care.

If you are anxious about your annual low-dose CT scan, rest assured that your safety is our top priority. Mission Health has committed to enhanced safety etiquettes designed so that our facilities are among the safest locates to receive care.

Oliver Binns, MD, is a thoracic surgeon at Asheville Heart.

Assignment Cancer brought together a multidisciplinary crew of physicians, caregivers and support staff who help western North Carolina with the region’s most comprehensive cancer care. Click here to find a location near you that furnishes low-dose CT scan.

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