5 YouTube Optimization Strategies for 2021

Are you looking for a way to optimize your YouTube channel for 2021? We know how frustrating and confusing it is to look at channels that make content similar to your own but manage to get millions of views. 

We all want to be in that position, but getting there is no easy feat. The best way to build your business YouTube channel is through proper optimization. When you consider that over 2 billion people use YouTube every month, it’s not hard to see that there are plenty of people willing to give your company a chance, if you can reach them. 

Today, we will look at five ways you can use to build awareness and engagement on your channel. We will cover everything from basic YouTube SEO strategies to reviewing your analytics for optimized videos in the future. 

Ready? Let’s get started. 

Choose the right keywords

You know that optimizing your site for search engines is essential, right? The same kind of optimization rules also applies to your YouTube channel. If people never see your channel, there’s no way they will ever watch your videos, discover your brand, and potentially buy your products. 

One of the similarities between optimizing your website and your channel is focus keywords. Keywords are essential for helping people find your company. You want to pick words that your target audience will search naturally throughout the day. For instance, if you own an online pet store, you may want to target long-tail keywords like “high-quality cat food” to attract pet owners who are browsing for pet supplies on their lunch break.

Picking the right keywords ensures that you attract your target audience and, as a result, get more exposure. When creating videos for your channel, use relevant words that you address throughout the post in the title, description, and tag category. Following these steps ensures YouTube’s algorithm can see more about your channel and rank videos accordingly. 

When discussing keyword optimization in 2021, we need to mention targeting users with voice search. Voice search is used by people with smart speakers, mobile devices, computers, and much more. We expect to see more people using voice-based devices to browse YouTube next year. Estimates show that voice commerce sales will increase 2000% from 2017 to 2022, and similarly, guide YouTubers to relevant content from trusted brands. 

Focus on aaccessibility

Accessibility is crucial for proper channel optimization. There are plenty of reasons someone may need accessibility options when browsing online. When it comes to your YouTube channel, the best way to boost engagement through accessibility is with captions. 

Some people prefer to listen to videos without sound, while others have a hard time hearing. Including captions on your videos and in the description will encourage more people to stick around and see what you have to say. 

YouTube comes with a feature that automatically adds closed captions, but they are far from accurate. The system often misses words, and sometimes the conversation on screen doesn’t match what is actually being said. Adding your own captions ensures that visitors get the full experience from your content, regardless of preferences or limitations. 

Not only will you get the ease of access bonus, but you’re also putting down a solid framework for optimizing your channel. YouTube’s algorithm scans added captions and descriptions when positioning videos. If you’re including your own captions, YouTube sees what you intended, instead of what it thinks you meant, which can lead to a more prominent search position. 

Create engaging content

Next, let’s talk about the substance of your content. Did you know that 43% of consumers want more video content from businesses? If not, this figure should tell you that it’s possible to thrive in this digital landscape if you’re willing to make high-quality videos that genuinely attract your target audience. 

If you’re redesigning your YouTube channel or starting your first account, think about the goal of your content. Do you want to educate people on your product or service? Is your plan to build awareness around your brand by discussing the industry as a whole? Perhaps your goal is somewhere in the middle. 

We know that various types of content are incredibly engaging on YouTube. Product reviews, for instance, account for over 50,000 years of watch time since YouTube started. That jaw-dropping figure only adds to the idea that video content is increasingly growing in popularity. 

There are countless channels out there that create almost identical content. The thing that separates these channels is the speaker and the personality behind your brand. When you’re creating original content for your channel, think about topics you can discuss where you approach the situation from a unique perspective or have an interesting piece of advice to offer. 

Connect with other brands

A common thread between successful YouTube creators is they connect with other brands and channels. Forging connections with other companies and creators in your industry means you could see more exposure, which results in more channel traffic and potentially a better position in YouTube’s ranking algorithm. 

We suggest reaching out to creators on the platform that make products or videos that complement your brand. You don’t want to partner with someone who does the same exact thing because that could eat into your sales. Simultaneously, you can’t partner with someone who is disconnected from the industry because there’s a slim chance that people interested in the partner brand will make it back to your channel. 

Try to look for a happy medium area. For instance, an email marketing firm may partner with a website hosting company on YouTube. The content and tools complement each other, which makes them perfect for partnerships and cross-promotions. 

Seek out partnerships and work with social media influencers to get your brand name out there to a broader audience. But choose your partners carefully. 

Review your YouTube analytics 

Finally, it’s always a good idea to review your YouTube analytics. You can learn a lot about your channel, audience, and engagement by looking at analytics data. If you know how to use this information, you can optimize your channel and grow a more dedicated fanbase. 

Let’s say that you publish videos on five different topics. Of the five, three of the topics make up 95% of your traffic and comments. This could be a sign that it’s time to drop those other two sub-topics and focus on the things that attract viewers. 

Similarly, you can include promotions to your online store within the description of your videos. Reviewing click-throughs from those campaigns can help you optimize your site for more engagement and sales. 

The best way to review your YouTube analytics is weekly, monthly, and quarterly. We take the time to review the data to see where we can improve and how users are finding our channel. When we are done analyzing, we start putting changes into motion. At this phase, you should track the changes, keep the things that result in more traffic, and replace unreliable or unsuccessful keywords and campaigns. 

As your channel grows, you’ll gather more actionable data on your audience and videos. Use this information to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to grow and evolve your channel. Businesses continuously change in the digital world to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Keep this advice in mind when creating your YouTube channel, and you’ll have no problem optimizing your account for 2021. 

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