9 Best Side Hustle Ideas For 2020

In 2020, millions of people are busy trying to determine their resolutions for the new year. For many people, a new year brings with it renewed economic opportunities, which is why this is such an excellent time to begin determining side hustles for 2020. Not all side gigs are created equal, however, and some side hustles are far more worthy of your time and attention than others. 

Here’s a breakdown of nine of the best side hustle ideas for 2020, why this is the year to be chasing after them and how they’ll reward you for your hard work. 

1. The 2020 U.S. Census

Every ten years, the government takes a census to determine the nation’s population and to elucidate other important demographic information. Now that the 2020 census is just about here, it means that dedicated and intelligent individuals in need of good-paying side gigs can find plenty of work by contributing to the census process. 

According to the federal government’s official census webpage, this is the largest civilian mobilization in the nation. Hundreds of thousands of people will be hired to canvas for addresses and other important information that helps determine things like congressional representation and the dispersal of tax dollars to nation-wide and local projects. 

Those in need of a good side gig in 2020 should rush to become a census worker as soon as possible, as there are many important roles which must be filled. Besides being an excellent way to bolster your paycheck, it’s also contributing to the health and well-being of the country as a whole. You can apply online at the official government webpage or find more information by calling 855-JOB-2020. 

2. Delivery and driving

For those in need of a job that involves lots of going door to door but can’t work for the U.S. Census Bureau, there are always plentiful delivery and driving jobs to be had. Ridesharing is as big as it has ever been, with major companies like Uber, Lyft and countless others in desperate need of more workers if they’re to remain strong in the market. 

The ideal thing about so many of these driving positions is that they’re often part-time and thus ideal for those looking for a side gig. Don’t think you need to work for Uber or Lyft, either, as there are plenty of alternative options which you can browse, too. Even traditional taxi cabs remain alive and well, so don’t be afraid to look around your local population centers to see if nearby businesses are hiring drivers. 

3. Personal training

For those who have the athletic capacity to serve as a personal trainer, 2020 is an excellent time to get involved in the fast-growing fitness sector. Becoming a personal trainer takes time and dedication, but those clever professionals capable of marketing their services to a wide audience will quickly find themselves inundated with clients ready to pay the big bucks to get in shape. 

As 2020 draws nearer, it’s thus worthwhile to build your side gig ambitions around the notion of becoming a personal trainer. This usually entails having a stellar web presence, as you’ll need to be able to market your services, but don’t be afraid to chase after a local angle either. After all, there are doubtless many individuals near you who would be willing to pay in exchange for strength or endurance coaching services. 

4. Real estate professional

With services like AirBnB at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to become a mini real estate professional by renting out your extra space. Services like HomeAway and Flipkey can help you turn your extra space into extra pocket cash if you know how to tidy up properly. If you’re good at marketing your services, your side gig renting your extra space could become a permanent fixture of your income.

5. Tutor

Maybe being a personal trainer is out of reach due to your own struggles with athleticism, but that by no means prevents you from coaching individuals in other areas of life. Intellectually savvy side hustlers can make a nice living for themselves as tutors, for instance, as many people are in desperate need of in-person schooling for a wide variety of reasons.  

If you possess valuable area expertise, you may find your tutoring skills in hot demand, especially now that you can advertise your services online. Social media channels enable you to quickly and easily locate potential students in desperate need of your services, so get searching if you’re still in need of a side hustle as 2020 approaches. 

6. Electronics resale

To those who are excellent online shoppers, purchasing, refurbishing and re-selling used electronics is an excellent way to generate a side income for one’s self. If you browse eBay and similar online marketplaces for used smartphones and scoop them up at low prices, for instance, you can turn around and re-sell them to others for a tremendous profit. This side hustle demands a certain degree of familiarity with online marketplaces, but those who are capable of quickly and capably navigating them will find that they present a goldmine of financial opportunities waiting to be exploited. 

Whether it’s laptops, smartphones, or other digital devices, the purchasing and re-selling of electronics is an excellent side gig to consider.  

7. Freelance writing

For those writers who have been yearning to earn a little extra cash on the side, there’s always the option of writing for a living. Ebooks are in popular demand, and the past few years have seen record-breaking numbers of self-published ebook sales. This is because it’s easier and more accessible than ever before for aspiring writers to publish their workers in order to earn a side income for themselves. 

Those who have been sitting on an ebook transcript for too long should review some self-publishing platforms that can help them turn writing into a side gig as 2020 unfolds.  

8. Virtual assistant

Secretarial work and office duties constantly need good workers if they’re to be completed on time, but many people struggle to find the in-person assistance they need. That’s why many professionals are turning to virtual assistants, or people who handle office tasks virtually, to alleviate their workloads.  

If you’re tech-savvy and capable of working well with others, becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to generate a tidy side income in 2020. Just ensure that you find a good boss to work for, as the success of a virtual assistant often depends on their chemistry with their employer. 

9. YouTuber

Many people have interesting creative ideas that are never fully materialized, which is a terrible shame. Luckily, the powers of the internet have given you access to an audience, so you can finally show the world your stuff if you have the dedication to see it through. Becoming a YouTuber to show off your various talents or delve into a niche hobby is an excellent way to monetize your interest. If you gain enough subscribers and accrue a large enough following, it will become a side or even permanent gig that’s great for earning some extra cash.  

There’s no reason to endure 2020 without some cash in your pocket. By chasing any one of these side gigs, you’ll be bolstering your income and honing your skills for a future full-time position.

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