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A Step Towards Fitness
Before starting something new, the first question which hovers over everyone’s mind is: From where should I start? Similarly, when we are planning to start our journey to health and fitness, the question which arises instantly is- Where or how should we begin?


Here, you will get to know various important points which one must know before taking the first step towards their fitness. All of us want to live a healthy life by acquiring a fit and fine body which comes through a healthy daily routine.
By healthy daily routine, I mean to have a healthy diet along with the inclusion of an essential amount of physical activities. 

DIET : Diet plays a vital role in leading a healthy life. Intake of nutritious food on a daily basis will help you enjoy a salubrious life in the long run. Some people say that eat whatever you want and compensate it through extra gymming and exercises. According to the studies, this perception is completely wrong. Physical activities performed in a gym or some outdoor places are meant to burn the unwanted extra calories. So it is utterly illogical to first introduce those calories intentionally by intaking the unhealthy food and then putting extra efforts in the gym to burn them. Obviously, one can have cheat days in terms of consuming their favorite unhealthy food but those should not be in the frequent manner as you can never outwork a bad food intake!


PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: Diet and physical activities work hand in hand when we are concerned about the health and fitness but diet always has an upper hand as already explained in the above lines. Also, it is commonly believed that more the time you spend in the gym or gym related activities, closer you are moving towards the destination of your ultimate fitness level. Trust me, it is not at all true!

There are so many examples mentioned in different studies who have spent half of their day in the gym and still gaining weight. And there are people who have spent their 30-35 minutes consistently and gained incredible results. This shows that your health does not depend primarily on the physical workout. People think that spending hours and hours in a gym is the only way to get the desired results. Rather the truth is that an intense workout done for a short period of time can bring amazing output and further can take you a few steps ahead in the journey of fitness.

Additionally, one should keep in mind that doing a variety of workouts and exercises will bring much better results rather than focusing on just one or two of them.

So now as you are aware of many facts, plan your journey to health and fitness accordingly. You need to keep it interesting in order to stick to the workout program for a longer period of time. Also, keep a proper track record while moving forward to analyze the growth rate. Happy Journey! 🙂

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