Adriana Lima Says She’s “Happy” That the World is Starting to Embrace Women Across the Board

There’s been much said of the fashion industry’s treatment of women. Following years of particularly improbable person characters being paraded on the catwalks and little to no diversity, in recent seasons there’s been a shift towards an industry more pondering of the women it is ultimately selling to. No incredulity there’s still work to be done, nonetheless supermodel Adriana Lima says she’s hopeful for the future.

In an interview with WWD about her brand-new thread of sunglasses with Prive Revaux, when talking about her conceptions on the state of the industry, Lima said,” The world is changing- is not simply the fashion industry but movies, very. Gradually, but it is changing and I cannot be more happy. As a Latina, I struggle myself. It’s not easy for a Latina to enter the fashion industry, but I’ve been modelling for 20 years. I’m likewise 38 years old and to still be able to do a campaign- I just came out with a Max Mara campaign now and I’m on the report of Vogue Japan. I never ought to have been anticipated as a grow woman, I could still be in the business. So I’m happy that the world countries is hugging women around the their different stages. I hope this progression continues .”

And it seems the onetime Victoria’s Secret Angel could be doing her percentage for the movement with the launch of her own lingerie boundary.” Two things I’m focusing on now are lingerie- I would like to do my own collection- and bark attend ,” she shared of her current programs, adding that” clothe and shoes or jewellery” could follow. With brands like Savage by Fenty and Aerie actively contribute to diversity and inclusivity in different sizes furnishes and expeditions, we suspect based on her notes that Lima’s own direction will follow suit.

Watch this space.

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