All the Celebrities the Roses Have Name-Dropped on Schitt’s Creek

There are several ways to discern that the Rose family, before they washed up on the shores of Schitt’s Creek, was mega-rich. One, they remind us always. Two, their blended clothe contains enough luxury decorator threads–Wang! Owens! McQueen! Marant !– to fill a massive idea storage, or at the very least,” a shop in Prague that’s only open Sunday darkness .” Three, they’re forever throw breadcrumbs about their former lives, offering us little peeks at the Lifts of yore.

By now we know that Johnny and Moira have partied with the Castros( and the Clintons and the Schwarzeneggers ), David’s got some not-so-fond memories with Anderson Cooper and Nate Berkus in his past, and Alexis … well, US Weekly formerly described her as” up for anything ,” and so far we know that includes a blind date with Leonardo DiCaprio, a tryst with an unnamed Saudi prince, and a relationship with a Sultan’s nephew that lasted” like, half a regiman deepen .”

Read on for every celebrity encounter the Roses have revealed to us so far.

Season 1

Episode 1 Alexis:” Stavros is flying in to get me, I told you that .” David:” What do you want Stavros is … What do you make? When? When is he doing that ?” Alexis:” Like, whenever stupid Mary-Kate stops hogging his aircraft.

Alexis:” I actually think this place is kinda cute .” Moira:” Did you say cute? No Alexis, Martha Stewart’s Hampton home is cute.

Alexis:” Stavros time texted me. And he objective it, he’s not coming! He said he doesn’t have time to come and get me, because he already RSVP’d to Diddy’s White Party, and doesn’t had a chance to do both! But I was supposed to be his time to the White Party!

Episode 7 David:” Are you sure you wanna be hurtling so far out of town with a person you simply fulfill ?” Alexis:” I went on a blind date to Bali with Leo, so … I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be fine.

Ronnie:” You ever killed before ?” David:” Have I ever killed before? No. Elton John used to have an annual hunting at his sit in Windsor, but that was more about the lunch .”


Episode 12 Johnny:” You didn’t think your mom would get involved in planning a fundraiser? My God, she had Hillary shaking last year at the Clinton Foundation dinner .”

Episode 13 Johnny:” Hey, that’s a good coat. I outbid Richard Branson for it at the Kaminski Auction .”


Season 2

Episode 1 Alexis:” Do I “re going to have to” remind members the time that I was held hostage on David Geffen’s yacht by Somali pirates for a week, and nothing reacted my textbooks ?!”

Alexis:” You was just telling me that Diane Sawyer gave you that purse, and that it was fake .” Moira:” I didn’t want you taking it .” Alexis:” Okay, because I have told a lot of parties that Diane Sawyer sells counterfeit pouches on the down-low .”

Episode 5 David:” Do you like this sweater? Jared Leto gave it to me and I’ve always been on the fence about it .” Alexis:” I don’t know .” David:” What do you intend, you don’t know? You either like it, or you don’t like it .” Alexis:” I entail, I like it’ reason Jared Leto gave it to you, and he was my firstly caresses, but I don’t know if I like, like it, like it .”


Episode 6 Moira:” Do you retain what Goldie Hawn told us at that AmFar dinner?’ You are the life that you accept for yourself .’ Those are Goldie’s texts. Or something person said to her in India. Or perhaps she read it. In any case it has always stayed with me .”

David:” Scent is a really important factor in defining a firebrand. Alexander Wang once burnt my friend over the smell of his cologne. To Alex’s credit, Curve Pour Hommes hasn’t been the review since 1997.”

Ronnie:” Often these “councils decisions”, they take weeks .” Moira:” Oh I won’t wait for anyone’s decision. I formerly came Winnie Mandela to RSVP to an Craftsman Against Eczema benefit within the hour .”

Episode 9 Moira:” I did a series of awfully exquisite nudes with Richard Avedon in the’ 70 s .” Stevie:” I recognize. Um … “Its certainly true it is” not in my job description so …” Moira:” Why aren’t they come through here ?”

Episode 10 Moira:” Needless to say, that was the last time I toy charades with Fran Lebowitz .”

Episode 12 Alexis:” I know that we just met but if Prince Harry trusted me with their own lives, then I think you can too .”


Season 3

Episode 6 Moira:” John and I used to attend Eyes Wide Shut parties at the Castros ‘. Though … I’m guessing your evening’s activities might be somewhat different .”

Alexis:” I can’t go to college, hitherto. Because I didn’t finish “schools ” .” Ted: “Oh.” Alexis:” I know. It’s so embarrassing, and I never should’ve made that semester off. But I did fulfill Beyonce in Mykonos, so it was almost worth noting .”

Episode 7 Jocelyn:” So here’s the thing about Marie Antoinette. Even though I love to eat cake, I recollect I’d be jolly harassed with her myself. I do see your hand up Alexis, it’s just that “youre supposed to” haven’t had a chance to catch up .” Alexis:” Okay, it’s just that she never actually said ” let them gobble cake .”” Jocelyn:” Um well, that depends on who “youre asking” .” Alexis:” Hmm, well, I invited Kirsten Dunst, who represented her in the movie. Um, that order was actually written years before Marie Antoinette allegedly said here today. And um, Kirsten likewise told me at the premiere that she was anxious of my slams .” Jocelyn:” Thank you for that contribution to the discussion , now …” Alexis:” My friends was just calling me Marie, and that was mainly because I was casually accompanying Prince Harry, so there was the whole like, is she gonna be a princess thing, um, but it’s also because we were going through this very dark phase where we were just like, partying more hard .”

Alexis:” I embezzle this dress from Ashlee Simpson. Or like, she embezzle it from me, and then I stole it back .”


Season 4

Episode 3 Moira:” I know all about being left in the lurch for a fundraiser. Eva Longoria and I were supposed to perform our ventriloquist act for the Everybody Nose benefit for juvenile rhinoplasty, when she abruptly quits out due to exhaustion. I had to be both doll, and puppeteer .”

David:” You didn’t even movement Patty, though .” Moira:” You know I did! The night Patricia LuPone ate that pre-show shawarma, and I was asked to step in. I’ve always wanted to reprise the role .”

Episode 5 Moira:” “Thats really not” … not how I imagined my rebirth bulletin to break!’ Impeccably dressed lady moves out of Podunk motel .’ No, that’s not the headline !” Stevie:” Okay, well I actually own this Podunk motel, and I don’t know what alternative “youve had” .” Moira:” Well, we have to think of something. After all my love have braved? No, I can’t make them encounter me like this. It would kill Sir Tony Geary .”

Episode 7 Alexis:” I used to text Zac Efron only, like, a question mark whenever I wanted a pillage label. Poor thing would be, like, chattering my suite before I even pressed refer .”


Episode 8 Alexis:” Ted can’t know about this, David. Miguel’s the only other veterinary in city, and the government has this, like, foolish strife .” David:” When has that ever stopped you? I remember that summer you dated all three Hanson brethren .”

Episode 11 Moira:” There was that summer that Jimmy Smits stole my soul onstage in a workshop-only production of Officer and a Gentleman. I suppose that might be called feeling robbery .”

Christmas Special Patrick:” Are we supposed to be doing anything for this party ?” David:” Um, yes, trinkets, but even though they are we could still render Nate Berkus, I’d burned that aqueduct in Ibiza .”

Johnny:” You know, in the old days, I stood by your place no matter how you wanted to spend the holidays. Whether it was heading to Miami for Puff Daddy’s Poolside White Party, or that painful tree decorating at Arnold and Maria’s. How’ bout the night you wore your hair coat to the PETA Christmas Fundraiser ?” Moira:” I hear Peter Fundraiser! Bogdanovich loved a mink .”


Season 5

Episode 1 Patrick:” Why would he concur do this when he’s afraid of statures ?” Alexi:” He’s not afraid of summits, he’s afraid of moths and butterflies .” Ted:” And businesswomen in sneakers .” Patrick:” And too heights, something to do with him being is broken down with while he was …” Alexis:” Parasailing in the Seychelles! He and Anderson Cooper were stuck up there for like, three hours, until high winds died down !”

Episode 2 Alexis:” I have a toe resounding that would look so cute on you !” Twyla:” We’re not allowed to wear open-toed shoes, but um maybe I could make that bracelet ?” Alexis:” Yes! Um, I actually went this in a swap with Sienna Miller. And by that I want it fell off her wrist at a Halloween party, and I hindered it .”

Episode 3 Alexis:” Um did I leave a Q-tip in or did you just tell me that you guys are getting an accommodation together ?” David: “We’re just going to look.” Alexis:” Yeah and Adam Levine and I just went for bubble tea .”


Episode 6 Moira:” Oh I’m not above a risque light of lust. When Condi Rice and Sharon Stone and I be applicable to acquire our annual casino sojourn to Ho Chi Minh City … well causes just say toi khong bao gio thua .”

David:” I think it’s important for Patrick to experience other people in order to realize how good he has it with me .” Alexis:” What if he doesn’t come to that apprehension? Every time I did that with a sweetheart, I’d send them off with a person who is, like, wasn’t a threat, like Pippa Middleton or Rihanna .”

Alexis:” This is why you have ground rules, David. Josh Groban has a thick-witted leather-bound binder full of them .”

Moira:” I’m thinking of a particular night in Monaco with Maggie Trudeau and The Rolling Stones .” Jocelyn:” You rocked out with the Stones ?” Moira:” All except Charlie but every party has a pooper .”

Episode 7 Ted:” That was fun but perhaps we can start telling some tales about someone else who was naked and crying .” Alexis:” Okay fine but I think everyone here has already heard about my Vin Diesel adventure .”


Episode 9 Alexis:” If this is anything like my first day with the Pussycat Dolls, it’ll be a couple of hours of Kegels, and then an afternoon of cheeky Bellinis .” Stevie:” It’s just a lot of adversity .” Alexis:” Don’t even is concerned at it. I got your back today, daughter. Simply like Nicole Scherzinger did for me .”

Episode 12 David:” When she was coaching me for the Little Mister pageant I built the mistake of going to Mario Lopez for suggestion. He was hosting at the time .”

Alexis:” What about great distances? I formerly maintained a successful, semi-committed, verse relationship with Josh Hartnett while he was shooting Pearl Harbour .”

Season 6

Episode 1 Johnny:” Does this not remind members the wellness withdraw we went to in Evian right after Alexis ended things with Sean Penn ?”

David:” You mixed up the day and the month on your ticket again, didn’t you ?” Alexis:” No. No !” David:” Like that time you registered up to Kate Winslet’s wedding a month late .” Alexis:” The calligraphy was hard to read and Billy Zane also did the same thing, David !”


Episode 2 Moira:” We have our very own digital soapbox here. It reminded everyone the Nickelodeon pilot I did in which Ashley Tisdale and I frisked suffragettes. You remember, You Go Girl .”

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