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Almond flour banana muffins are naturally gluten free and grain free, and even Paleo, but experience just like ” regular ” banana muffins. The excellent hearty, grab and travel breakfast!

Almond flour muffins in blue liners in a pile in a round metal tin with dark gray cloth liner

A crowd-pleasing breakfast muffin

Listen , not everybody( in my house, even) cherishes the flavor of almond flour. And when I roast, I like to keep my principle reader( that’s you !) and my ideology eater( that’s my youngest) in mind.

She doesn’t like the feeling of almond flour–but she really likes these muffins. That is a acquire. [?]

If you included a few diced ripe bananas to the exceeds of them, like you see in the background of the photo above, they will spread a bit more on top. Try adding them to some, but not all.

They got everything I look for in a muffin: tasty, hearty, slaking, and they freeze well. That be interpreted to mean that I can make a batch, and give it cool, then freeze the muffins.

They defrost soon at room temperature, but you can speed up the process in your microwave. Don’t defrost them in the toaster oven, or they’ll burn.

Banana muffin sliced in half on small green plate with muffin on small white plate in background

How to bake with almond flour without burning it

Almond flour has a ton of( healthy) solids. If you’re not careful, the outside of your almond flour cooked goods will burn before the inside has fully cooked.

In our recipe for classic almond flour muffins, we cook them at 325 degF. It’s low enough to give the muffins time to bake and high enough to let them brown a bit.

These almond flour banana muffins have nearly a pound of peeled, ripe bananas in them. That means they have quite a lot more natural carbohydrate in them.

To bake these moist and naturally sweet muffins all the way through without burning anything, I bake them at 300 degF for 20 minutes. Then, rotate the muffin tin, and continue to bake at 275 degF for another five minutes.

The oven temperature won’t have precipitated 25 degF within those 5 minutes, but it will have started to fall, and that makes all the difference. The muffins will go from soft in the most centre to set in that time.

Raw banana muffin batter in blue baking cups in muffin tin wells

Are these almond flour banana muffins Paleo?

They’re Paleo–if you use a Paleo baking powder. Baking powder is a combination of a starch, ointment of tartar, and baking soda.

If you use a traditional baking gunpowder, it will almost surely not have a Paleo-friendly starch. Instead, it probably has cornstarch.

There is so little starch in baking gunpowder, though. I don’t know how strict your adherence to the Paleo diet is.

Speaking of strict adherence, if you’re Paleo and quite precise about it, you will have to contend with the pure vanilla extract. You should either leave it out, supersede it with another liquid flavoring/ remove, or precisely be ensured that yours is seen with a Paleo-legal alcohol.

Almond flour banana muffins with banana pieces baked on top in round metal tin

Ingredients and substitutions Almond flour

Blanched almond( almonds with their barks removed) flour, ground finely, is at the heart of these banana muffins. If you can’t have nuts, delight have a look at our classic gluten free banana muffins recipe.

If you simply can’t have almonds, but you can have hazelnuts, try using hazelnut flour in this recipe. I find that it’s often a good substitute–but no predicts since I haven’t tried it.

Be sure you’re actually utilizing blanched almond flour in this recipe, though. Almond meal is coarsely ground, and the almonds haven’t had their barks removed. It’s too coarse and won’t work as described in this recipe.

I really like the superfine almond flour from Honeyville also obliges enormous almond flour. I place mine in the fridge, since nuts run rancid quite quickly otherwise.


There are simply too many eggs in this recipe for me to recommend an egg replacer of any kind. Remember that almond flour is relatively ponderous, and “ve got a lot” of fat, so it needs a lot of elevating. The eggs working very hard in this recipe.

Tapioca starch/ flour

Tapioca starch/ flour( same thing, identifies are equivalent) is a unique gluten free/ grain free baking flour. It starts lightness and crispness, but likewise unfold and chew.

If you’d like to try replacing it in this recipe, you might have success with arrowroot in place of tapioca starch. Arrowroot isn’t as stretchy, but we don’t need as much stretch here as we were able to in a recipe like our soft tapioca wraps.

Pure maple syrup

I really like the maple syrup in this recipe since the feeling is more subtle, and really augments the banana flavor. But if you can’t or don’t have maple syrup, you can use honey in its place.

Honey has a bit little sweat, and a stronger flavor. Try squandering 3 tablespoons( 63 g) honey, and adding another 25 grams of mashed bananas.

Maiden coconut lubricant

I use triple-filtered virgin coconut oil from my regional Trader Joe’s. The triple-filtering removes any vestige of coconut spice from the solid-at-room-temperature oil.

If you’d like to replace the coconut oil, and you can have unsalted butter, use that. You can also use shortening.

Whole almond flour muffin on small white plate with two banana slices on top

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