Becky Carter: Gratitude for the Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Team: They Show Up in More Ways Than One

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By Becky Carter Chief Executive Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital

November is traditionally a era when we reflect on all we have to be grateful for. I’d like to take the opportunity to extend a huge “thank you” to the remarkable staff of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital. They should be recognized for so many things: attending for the members of our community, coming in to the hospital no matter the brave or hour, maintaining our equipment, scavenging our hospital, and educating sustenance for our patients, the families of such, and our staff. Without every crew representative, we wouldn’t be able to provide the care and comfort that define us.

You never know when a community crisis will occur and an “all hands on deck” approach will be necessary in a hospital. To prepare for such contests, we have a plan, a notification method, and we tradition responding to various scenarios. Two recent mass fatality episodes built their knowledge and skills, coordination, and faithfulnes of our units really hit home. A “mass casualty” event is one in which there is an accident with numerous scapegoats, typically more than one hospital’s ER sources can handle. BRRH responded to these two events within the same week in the last few months, something I’ve never seen in my part career.

One involved an accident in which a bus that was transporting a regional high school volleyball team ruined and collapsed down a infuse embankment. Fourteen volleyball players and their instructs were injured and had to be transported to various neighbourhood hospices, including ours. One patient was even airlifted to Mission Hospital. The coincidence was a belatedly night contest and with very little warning, our unit was assembled and ready to provide advanced medication to these coincidence victims.

The second episode was when a gas opening in one of the dormitories at an orbit college occurred. The dorm had to be evacuated and every one of those university student had to receive medical treatment. Again, these patients were divided up and cared for at different infirmaries in Boone and Newland, North Carolina, and here at BRRH. Our emergency response plan was again established and hospital team members were announced in the middle of the night to come in and care for these patients.

In both happenings, team members from across the organization greeted. Staff came in to help, even though they could have stayed home on stand-by.

Our automated system alarms all who are needed about disasters like these, and we have an thorough manual that items mass casualty emergency etiquette; we likewise regularly perform drills and all hospital team representatives participate. Though having these safeguards in place is critical , none of it matters if no one shows up to address the emergency situation. I marvel at the fact that during these and all other similar phenomena, our wonderful specialists, nannies, environmental assistances crew members, meat business faculty, and housekeeping district representatives do show up- ever without objection, because this is where they want to be, and you are who they want to care for.

I salute our incredible BRRH team now and throughout the year. They’re frequently researched, and they always glitter. Be assured that their commitment is as real as real gets. This should compile you feel safe as a member of this community and if “youve been” find yourself at BRRH for any reason as individual patients or loved one, know that our aim is to comfort and consider you in every action possible.

Becky Carter

Rebecca W. Carter, MSN, RN, FACHE, is Chief operating officer and Chief Nursing Officer of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital in Spruce Pine. Carter has served in senior hospice handling for over 20 years and previously served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer of Transylvania Regional Hospital in Brevard, likewise the purposes of the Mission Health system.

Ms. Carter is board certified in healthcare management and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives( FACHE ). A native of North Carolina, she comprises undergraduate and graduate degrees in nurse from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ms. Carter is currently a resident of Burnsville.

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