Become Leaders Who Cage and Tame Tigers: Part 1

In this podcast, I explore the issue of caging and taming “tigers” who emerge under our leader. These are among the most difficult, and disclosing, minutes for us as they test our grade of differentiation like few others. I characterize a “tiger” as someone who conquers and impairments the overall health of our community due to their own lack of awareness and immaturity.

I frame the podcast from a parable announced “The Friendly Forest” out of a diary by Edwin H. Friedman announced: Friedman’s Fables. Friedman was a well-known legislated rabbi and a practise kinfolk therapist who applied family arrangements notions to synagogues and churches. The fable describes a Tiger who is allowed the join a Friendly Forest community of swine but, by his proximity and nature, peril a lamb who eventually feel obligated to leave the community.

A number of questions emerge out of this story such as: Why do the other animals excuse the Tiger’s nature and “ve been trying to” move the Lamb adapt? If the Tiger chews the Lamb, whose flaw will it be? And to what dimension are damaging effects of evil the result of immature systems and immature leadership?

I draw three important lessons about what good managers do to cage “tigers” in their middle 😛 TAGEND

1. Good governors summon the spirit to “cage the tiger” out of adoration for the minority communities. What was needed more than anything else in the Friendly Forest was healthy, distinguished lead — leads who know their evaluates and aren’t swayed by disagreements and pressure from others.

2. Good commanders clearly define the levels and frontiers of acceptable and undesirable action for those they pass. Establishing, and gently enforcing, the values and promises for our squads and society, while difficult, is the role of leadership.

3. Good chairwomen receive the offerings from God that rise out of these kinds of intense conflicts so they can grow and ripen into greater Christlikeness.

These crucibles of predicament( and crucibles they are) burn immaturities out of us and are places where God infuses wisdom and character into us. They deeply reform us- if we stay with Jesus in them and learn from them.

Blessings to you as you listen,

Warmly, Pete

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