Become Leaders Who Cage and Tame Tigers: Part 2

In last week’s podcast, I explored the issue of caging “tigers” that surface under our lead. I characterized a “tiger” as someone who conquers and detriments the overall state of our community due to their own lack of awareness and immaturity. These are among the most difficult, and exposing, minutes for us as they research our grade of differentiation like few others.

In this week’s podcast, I focus on the taming of “tiger” behaviors that happen on every squad. This is the work that must be done regularly if we are to create health cultures. I begin the podcast by briefly remembering a theological foundation for this work: Leadership is reparenting parties to live in the brand-new category of Jesus; it is slow and makes lots of time, and we must embody the healthy culture we want to create. I then address the ten top questions that people ask around taming monsters and creating a healthful culture 😛 TAGEND

What do I do if I detest conflict and run from it? What do I do if I’m not the person in charge of the team, but tiger behaviour is everywhere? What do I do if the vampire behaviour is coming from my overseer? What do I do with my perfectionism in doing this? What do I do if domesticate or addressing tiger behaviors creates an hazardou environment? What do I do when there is so much tiger behavior out of order in our culture? What do I do if there is sin in my life and I feel like a hypocrite addressing anyone else? What do I do if the person that needs to be addressed is my friend on the team? What if the person doesn’t listen to me? What if our culture as a ministry/ faith is “Christian nice” and the addressing of immature demeanors is never done?

This will surely give you plenty to consider. Feel free to send me any further questions to info @emotionallyhealthy. org.

Enjoy! Pete

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