BMJ editorial: Endorse low carb for COVID-19 prevention

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A short-lived but persuasive editorial in British Medical Journal is counselling governments and policy makers to endorse the low-carb diet as a lane to reduce the risk of serious complications from coronavirus infection.

Written by Australian science columnist MaryAnne Demasi, PhD, who is deputy director of the Institute for Scientific Freedom, the editorial notes that statistics to date appearance cases with metabolic condition have worse outcomes 😛 TAGEND

the two most common underlying health conditions associated with COVID-1 9 illness are congestive heart failure( 32%) and diabetes( 30% ); hospitalizations are six times greater among patients with a reported underlying condition( 45.4%) than those without reported underlying surroundings( 7.6% ); deaths are 12 times greater among patients with reported underlying cases( 19.5%) compared to those without reported underlying states( 1.6% ); two-thirds of parties in the UK who have fallen seriously ill with COVID-1 9 have been overweight or obese and 99% of deaths in Italy are currently in patients with pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure.

A major factor that drives the pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance, defined as an impaired biological response to insulin, the hormone that governs blood glucose heights … The single most important factor that measures blood glucose grades is the consumption of dietary carbohydrate, that is, refined carbs, starches, and simple sugars.

Demasi writes that for beings with underlying metabolic syndrome, the low-carb diet” should be more widely endorsed by governments and policy makers globally, to mitigate the burden of pre-existing metabolic illnes in those who contract COVID-1 9 , now and into the future .”

BMJ: COVID-1 9 and metabolic syndrome: could diet be the key ?

The editorial is being widely liked and shared on social media, with commentators saying it proves “leadership” and that it is “high time” we started talking about” the underlying health conditions that make parties more suggestible .”

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