By: Chrissy Carroll

In reply to Mike D.

Hi Mike – sorry for missing this earlier; I’ve been dealing with about a billion spammy observations on this locate and yours came mixed up in that folder. You can definitely still start a fitness blog and share your its own experience. I reckon examples of workouts you do, fitness mindset material, etc is all huge. I would be careful about anything that could be construed as medical suggestion( i.e. specific nutrition suggestion)- and I might lend a disclaimer to the site that tones your not a licensed fitness professional- but otherwise I think there’s chamber for all of us to share!

I will say as far as SEO departs, you’re probably going to have better fluke ranking “if youre having” credentials from an EAT standpoint for Google( knowledge, authoritativeness, and trust ). It’s one of the factors that goes into ranking. A instructor certification is fairly inexpensive to pursue, so it might be worthwhile to do if you have hopes of monetizing the blog over time.

I hope that helps- let me know if you have questions.

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