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Australia Day is a day to reflect, respect, and celebrate. The past 12 months have thrown every imaginable challenge to our nation.

We live on beautiful country, and as Australians, we accept that living among such beauty comes with harsh conditions. Twelve months ago, Australia was only beginning to emerge from a summer of bushfires unprecedented in our lifetimes. Not before the last fires had been extinguished, coronavirus reached our shores. In a few short months, it would go on to become a global pandemic, putting our society, our economy, and our people under unthinkable strain.

Australians did what Australians do in times of crisis, we came together, we responded as one, with compassion, empathy, and with courage. Today we reflect on the sacrifice of thousands of front-line workers who kept our people safe and kept our nation going. We reflect on the resilience of our communities, and the spirit of helping, giving and supporting, that defines us as Australians. And we respect the efforts and sacrifices each Australian has made, because we’re all part of the story. To all of those on the frontlines, the first responders, the doctors, the nurses, the researchers, the scientists, public health officials, workers and cares, who responded when we needed you most, thank you. We’re grateful for your sacrifice and we’re very proud of your contribution.

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