Cinnamon Swirl Gluten Free Quick Bread

This cinnamon swirl quick bread is built readily by swirling some cinnamon and carbohydrate between two blankets of vanilla speedy meat. Your house will reek amazing!

Cinnamon Swirl Gluten Free Quick Bread

No matter how smoothly things seem to be going on busy mornings, eventually we’ll end up having breakfast issues in my house. Once we get into a trench with a make-ahead breakfast that all 3 of my girls like and I feel reasonably good about, well I settle in to that groove.

As my adolescents went older, maybe I should have just let them I was just never genuinely willing to give up, though. Instead, I’ve always tried to clear the decks by dishing up something nearly more good to reasonably be called breakfast, like this cinnamon swirl gluten free speedy bread.

I can roughly guarantee that, if you dish it for breakfast with some return you’ll is just like me. Surprise surprise, there is not one complaint.

Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread raw in pan

How to make all that cinnamon sugar quick-witted bread composition

The layered and then twirled smash doesn’t necessarily mean that the cinnamon-sugar mixture makes its route into every single nook and cranny of the quick bread. But it’s not meant to.

The swirling originates for a perfectly craggy and nubby surpass, one that sees the whole business taste like the perfectly tender chocolate patty which it mostly is, after all. And spreads out the cinnamon-sugar just enough.

Cinnamon Swirl Gluten Free Quick Bread

It’s not healthful like oatmeal muffins, but it does remind me and my children alike that I can, in fact, manufacture something that they affection for breakfast. Sometimes, you simply need a acquire. You know?

Whole baked loaf of cinnamon swirl bread closeup image

Ingredients and substitutes Dairy

You should be able to replace both the buttermilk and the butter in this recipe. The buttermilk can be replaced with half( by volume) unsweetened nondairy milk( my favorite is almond milk) and half( by work) unsweetened nondairy grassland yogurt.

You can also make this swap with dairy-containing parts if you only don’t have buttermilk. The butter should be able to be replaced with your favorite vegan butter.

I like Melt and Miyoko’s Kitchen firebrands best. I would avoid Earth’s Balance buttery stays, since they’re not my first choice for baking.


In place of each of the 2 eggs, you can try using one” chia egg .” Place 1 tablespoon grind white chia grains in a small bowl, add about 1 tablespoon lukewarm ocean, mixture and allow to gel.


If you can’t have corn, try ousting the cornstarch with potato starch or arrowroot. If you’re using an all determination gluten free flour merger like Cup4Cup brand, which once high in starch, don’t use the extra cornstarch. Replace it with an equal extent, by heavines, Cup4Cup.

Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread slice facing forward

Cinnamon swirl quick bread raw in pan, closeup of baked crust in whole loaf, and one slice facing forward

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