Clubhouse (iOS Version 0.1.27)

Clubhouse (iOS Version 0.1.27) -Synopsis: Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat app that has been self-dubbed a new kind of social network based on voice.

Price and Platform: Free. iOS only.

RDN Score: 3/5


Super simple to use. Allows parties all over the world to talk, learn, connect and develop relationships. Join exchanges on a wide variety of topics from arts and business to wellness and world affairs. Participate in public rooms or create a private area. With no need to take jolly photos, ship a smart caption or find the latest meme, Clubhouse offers a low-grade barricade to introduction. You can assemble and open a room or join in a talk without getting dressed up, wearing makeup or expend hours taking photos or shooting videos. It’s in the moment, unedited and unscripted exchange. You can leave softly, unlike Zoom or a real room. Spate of infinite to write out a full bio with the first three strings being perceptible above the crease. Can include a link to your Twitter and Instagram sketches. Panorama active and ongoing chat rooms in the Clubhouse hallway( the main feed ). Turn notifications on or off. Follow or join different teams to stay connected with your interest groups and to be notified when they go live. Even if you cannot get in, you can reserve your username now.


Not currently available on Android. You’ll need an invitation to join Clubhouse. But the big con here is that the app necessary syncing iPhone contacts to invite others. No native direct messaging option( which in fact could be considered a pro ). Occasional tech glitches. Cannot call offices in private( or prowl) and the room speeches are not recorded. Detection and rummage are still in their infancy, so it may take some time to find the offices and beings you’re most interested in joining and following. Bio is all plain text plus emojis but without any special formatting or hyperlink options. Cannot easily share a Clubhouse profile. Chart is connected to one telephone number.

Clubhouse is still in beta and rapidly changing. Some of these pros and cons may have changed by the time this review goes to print. It also remains to be determined how the app will perform in the post-COVID landscape.

Bottom Line: Though the jury is still out on how it will fare long-term, Clubhouse offers an opportunity to build a community on an entirely new platform. It’s ideal for anyone with the gift of gab or desire to learn from and connect with others.

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