Creating a new world – 7 key strategies to generate sustainable and long lasting change

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As an activity I’m gradually picking up, we are invited to step into this new reality, where there is still so much uncertainty and unknown paradigms for us to untangle. Navigating this change will definitely channel our intrepid soul but it can feel intimidate as well.

This can be a wonderful opportunity to explore not only the insights and perspective alterations we have gathered during lockdown but most importantly, how we are taking those forward.

Have you taken the time to consider what is that you’d like to see around you from this moment forward? And if so, have you started working on a program that will support the changes that you want to implement?

For most of us, this can sound very exciting but current realities is that not everyone will follow through. Why? It can be due to many rationalizations: feet aren’t solid enough to support the changes, we haven’t characterized a clear goal( that is quantifiable, reasonable) and certainly all our mindset- nervousnes, mental programming, vandal, procrastination, inner chat…they will dive right in to hold us back.

After all these times supporting individuals and business in meet their pathway to change and provide tools for it to last, I want to share with you my 7 key policies that will provide the solid organization and extensive organization for you realise successful and long-lasting modifies- they are applicable to your personal living and or all matters of your environment( work, rapports …)

Identify your VISION

Once you can see the brand-new and fresh alternative world you want to create, you can start working on how to got to get. Sometimes it’s through compare( what we don’t want) that we are able connect with what we really want.

Connect with your WHY

Those are your inner appraises- I want a publicity because of the extra money I will be able to yield a bigger residence for their own families, Or I want to run this marathon because I want to fundraise for the case that implies so much to me. The WHY will impede you going extremely when things get touchy or you disbelieve yourself


We can get so amused- social media, external stimulus and by the emergency of the momentum, or simply the subconscious conditioning that wants to keep us small-time( as a channel to protect us from any “failure” or” abandonment)- participating all our resources and enabling all our torsoes( thought, feelings and physical) to work as a squad is fundamental.

Be open and receptive to alternative routes

It’s important to keep the eyes on the goals and targets but equally valuable to be open and approachable to recreations or shortcuts that life can take us through. Resistance sometimes plays against our advantage and if something, can keep us away from the natural overflow of things- as long as you check that the mode is in front of you is supporting your goals, give it a go, you never know how it will reveal. Also, surround yourself with innovative and stimulating beings- they can teach you something you wouldn’t have ever imagined and they might maintained the missing piece you were looking for.

Sustainability& Resilience

Let’s set realistic goals- don’t aim to run a marathon in two weeks when we haven’t been for a run in 3 years! This is literally naming yourself up to fail- shape gradual stairs and plan accordingly. Equally, we need to be ready to face disappointments and opportunities to revise our aim, and perhaps try an alternative method.

Taking divulges is also a much-needed ally particularly with all technological distractions around. We might undoubtedly think that we are being productive, even if in reality it might imply a untrue smell of effectiveness, as instead of multitasking, we actually task-switching .

Equally, it’s important that we improve resilience around it- focusing for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, making 2-3 minutes breaks.

Recognise your inner badass

Change and conversion are tough procedures- chiefly because we resist! Give yourself big credit for what you are creating! Internal recognition is key to inclining charm and a positive mentality( which doesn’t mean you can’t be realistic ). Plus having a support network is essential to keep you going – your buddies will believe in you no matter what, and will have your back when going through a rough patch- coach-and-fours, mentors, accountability groups….

Be category, be gentle, have fun!

Be super gentle and style with the setbacks, with the doubts and the fears. They testify you an invaluable revelation into what’s getting in your practice to where you want to be. Our past events, our “perfectionism”( an unattainable objective that they are able to see us forever disappointed) and any patterns that come up when we are implementing change are absolutely regular and understanding why they are there- mainly to ” protect yourself”- is fundamental for you decide if they substantiate your brand-new life and if not, causing them go and replace them with supportive ones.

And why not having fun while riding the ripples?

Research shows us that when we are able to connect with our inner sense of joy and realization, we are more productive

Looking after yourself( mentally, physically and emotionally) while governing your vigour levels will make such an impact in how you overall play and succeed in your life destinations. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a daylight- so neither is mutate. Drive can be a great motivator to keep us departing but equally important is to develop inner awareness to allow ourselves take a break and for the changes, we are generating to settle and be implemented.

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Monica Ruiz Founder- Ingenium in Movement Find your tranquilize, connect with your creativity


Monica first discovered yoga and mindfulness twenty years ago while developing her occupation in a result-driven and high-demanding corporate environment. They fetched a sense of freedom, inner-peace and calmness that have accompanied her ever since. She compounds different modes of yoga and somatic spurred advance( Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative and Nidra) with audio care, coaching and intensity healing in order to create deep transformative experiences.

Her style is playful, imaginative and inquisitive, developing her unique “Holistic Wellbeing” offering, which blends cognitive, psychological and experiential frameworks to empower souls to embody their genuine and pliable ego. Currently London based, she coachs, hosts withdraws and workshops locally and internationally. Follow her on Instagram and her website.


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