Detachment: How God Births New Things In and Through You: Part

This podcast residences another critical biblical topic for commanders during this Covid-1 9 pandemic- force, that we were able to follow Jesus, permitting him to birth what he hopes in and through us. God has disclosed, through this present crisis, our affection to our contrives, our need for security and control, etc. and our strong self-will.

In this podcast, I draw from Meister Eckhart, a Dominican theologian, rector, and scholar from the 13 th century in Germany who has done some of the most profound thinking around squad in school history. He characterizes separation as a “cutting off or cutting away” of every composed thing to which our self-will has attached itself. As Jesus said, “Whoever ascertains their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake knows where to find it”( Matthew 10:39 ).

As Eckhart says: “to be empty of all appointed things is to be full of God and to be full of generated things is to be empty of God.( And) if you rightfully have God and exclusively God , nothing will perturb you.”

According to Jesus, this statu of detachment requires a miracle from God. He reminds us with what he told the Twelve after the rich young sovereign walked away: “With human beings this is absolutely impossible but not with God. With God utterly everything is possible”( Matt. 19:26 ). That is good news!

I close the podcast with an invitation to cultivate the spiritual practises of stillnes and stillness before God as foundational to positioning ourselves before God so he can do this work. Eckhart said, and I concur, that this is core to God’s way to cutting our self-will out of us so there is space for his new deliveries to come to fruition in and through us.


Blessings Pete Scazzero

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