Emily Ratajkowski is Already Nailing Pregnancy Style

Yesterday, modeling Emily Ratajkowski announced she is expecting her first child via a special digital edition Vogue cover and hours later, the mom-to-be was already set her stellar maternity style on display.

Stepping out in New York mere hours after the news fragment, Ratajkowski looked thrilled to show off her changing person( she’s currently 20 weeks along ). The model wore the black bodycon “Gigi” midi dress by Aya Muse with cut-out boards at the two sides which highlighted her growing lump, paired with dark sunglasses, red knee-high boots, chunky gold bracelets and a sizeable blacknes clutch.

Photo by Gotham/ GC Images

To coincide with the proclamation, Ratajkowski shared a powerful essay on maternity and motherhood with the website. In the patch, she stroked on gender stereotypes (” I like the relevant recommendations of forcing as few gender stereotypes on their own children as possible ,” she wrote ), the pressure of pregnancy divulges, her anxieties of developing a lad( though she doesn’t yet know the gender of their own children) in this life and the myriad beliefs that you’re attacked with when carrying small children. She is, nonetheless, looking forward to what is to come.” I’m too humbled to have any false notions of control. I’m completely and undeniably incapable when it comes to almost everything smothering my gestation: how my body will change, who my child will be. But I’m astonishingly unbothered. Instead of feeling loath, I feel a new appreciation of armistice. I’m already learning from this person inside my organization. I’m full of wonder .”

We suspect the above is just the start of an epic maternity cupboard. Stay carolled for more looks.

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