Extraordinary Leaders for Extraordinary Times: Tricia Hersey

As the world confronts with the change toward social solitude, overseeing pandemic-related stress, and an uncertain future, we at Wanderlust know that our greatest concentrations are the wisdom of our chairmen and the power of community.

We have reached out to the lighthouses in our teaching parish to share some succinct, actionable penetrations with our community, as well as to call on us to be bold and imagine how this alter can create a better macrocosm. Because amazing seasons call for astonishing leader.


I am coping by detoxing from social media and the obsession to be fertile.

I am at a full stop.

restisresistanceI am in a penetrating listening and silence time. Music, salt baths, crying at my altar, long phone calls with loved ones, cooking and sleeping has been my saving grace during this time.

I have always believed that silence, like prayer and remain, is a veil buster. It removes the shrouds from our eyes that may have been hiding truth and muse, allowing us to feel what the Universe is attempting to tell us.

This has been my guide intensity for prosper and coping right now.


This moment is an ideal time for silence and listening and less repetition and reactionary crusades. We can use this crisis to imagine and foresee a brand-new acces of living which goes beyond regular. I said she hoped and praying for our regular lives to never be the same again.

Our community can benefit from collective and individual instants of elegy, hushed, resting, slowing down and daydreaming. These minutes are a place of dominance and soothing. I don’t see us ever going back to “regular” lives and for that I am grateful and invigorated to replace the regular mode with progressive society maintenance, equal access, swelling justice and ingenious initiatives that are rooted in shared dreaming.

I want us to rest and imagine a new way.

tricia 300Tricia Hersey is a Chicago native living in Atlanta with over 20 years of know collaborating with communities as a rendition craftsman, theater creator, spiritual director, and society organizer. She is the founder of The Nap Ministry, an organization that examines remain as a word of defiance by curating safe gaps for the community to rest via Collective Napping Event, immersive seminars and action art installings. Her study interests include black liberation theology, womanism, somatics, and cultural trauma. She supports a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Eastern Illinois University and a Master of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Find more about Tricia and The Nap Ministry on her website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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