Footwear Entrepreneur George Sully is Creating an Index of Black Canadian Designers

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Yesterday it was announced that Toronto-based fashion entrepreneur and footwear designer George Sully is developing a digital indicator of Black Canadian fashion imaginatives, which he’s hoping to launch subsequently next month.

Sully, who is known for his symbols Sully Wong–which he co-founded with Henry Wong, and House of Hayla–which he leads with partner Hayla Amini, says he was motivated to create the directory because “for far too long the Black community has been marginalized when it comes to fashion and our contribution to it, ” he says, adding, “I thought it best to create a platform to take out the justifies rooted in foolishnes to justify exclusion.”

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Since then, Sully has gone on to create two successful customer-facing symbols as well as Shoeonado, a private label firm. His intends are found in Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum and are considered to be in the present Star Trek: Discovery. He likewise did a collaboration with fellow Canadian brand, Nobis.

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If you don’t know you better ask somebody! #teampriyanka … All the highway! . . @canadasdragrace @cravecanada #prayforpriyanka

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His unyielding ingenuity is perhaps most obvious in House of Hayla’s gives; he and Amini launched the symbol after noticing the lack of monochromatic footwear alternatives on the market and grabbing the opportunity to create vegan material-fabricated segments from pumps to sneakers in a variety of bold emblazons. They’re about to launch men’s vogues as well as shoes “for childrens”, and Sully says they’ve likewise expanded to “queen sizing” for the lag community.

For all his accomplishments, though, Sully points out that he and fellow Black decorators are largely underrepresented in the Canadian fashion industry and in media coverage. “How do I be attributed to my lad[ with] all these things that I’ve achieved–does he have to take my utterance for it because it’s not archived, ” he asks.

Through creating the Black Designers of Canada Index, Sully is setting in motion a resource to ensure that moving forward, his peers will have the platform they deserve, and the ensuing acknowledgment. He rightly notes that Black designers in Canada–despite receiving greater attention in the past few weeks–are not, and should not, be treated as a novelty. As Sully places it, “We’ve always been here.”

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