For the Perfect Drizzle of Oil and Vinegar Every Time

Product remembered: Epare Oil and Vinegar Jar Set

I’ve never been able to find the right olive oil and vinegar dispenser bottles til now. Either they’re extremely tall for my pantry shelves, too narrow to easily fill, awkward to cleanse or they move too fast or slow.

The Epare Oil and Vinegar Jar Set is perfect for anyone who buys olive oil and vinegar in amount but needs a convenient way to store and use them. I specially enjoy the specific characteristics of these bottles: With delightful and wide openings, they’re very easy to replenish and clean-living. They also feel sturdy in my hands and are easy to handle and pour when full.

Another bonus is the clear brands for milliliters, ounces and cups. I experience determining my own salad dressings, so applying these bottles symbolizes one less quantify cup to clean. They too have an beautiful blueprint, so they can stay on your kitchen counter or dining room table.

My absolute favorite thing about these dispensers, though, is the stainless no-drip pour gushes . They make it so easy to sprinkle really the right amount of olive oil when cooking, and no more worries about drowning your salad greens in vinegar. The rain spurts likewise have air-tight BP-Afree silicone covers, “whats important” for maintaining the quality of petroleums and vinegars.

The Epare Oil and Vinegar Jar Set is a great item for anyone’s kitchen, and it’s already gotten lots of use in mine.

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