Founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage shares what she has learned through turning loss into opportunity

Losing is a Great Beginning

Michele Merhib, founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, shares what she has learned through a long history of turning loss into possibility.

I consider myself a win because I have become one of the luckiest and more determined losers. When I finished massage school, I went into business for myself–thinking I has formally arrived. I had my dream job. No more corporate pressing, red tape, discontented employees, and low-grade morale. It was just me and a steady creek of purchasers.

And then, lucky me–the losses began piling up.

Adversity Can Be a Wake Up Call

About a year into my bliss, the country club where I rented a apartment was sold. The brand-new proprietors should not miss massage rehabilitation, and I “ve lost my” firstly business site. I left knocking and screaming. I had been comfortable, joyful, and everything was clicking. Suddenly, I meditated my rub dream was over forever.

But losing that locating was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Quit Fighting Change and Make the Most of It

Ultimately, I discontinue crusading my fate and took a step forward. I self-assured a retail cavity and opened a retail massage studio. I “re no longer” a office renter. I was involved in the construction process, developing business structures, and hiring employees.

This was the first of many suffers that educated me a great life lesson: What may appear disheartening at the time is an opportunity to grow. Being pushed out of the country club opened a new entrance for me, and I passed through it.

“Lets get going” of the Way You Think Things Should Be

My doctrine was to open a general wellness hub. Therapeutic rub would be just one of many services. I could see it all so clearly in my brain. The purchasers, however, saw something different. Demand dictated supply, and therapeutic massage became my core business. Being a rookie business owner, I had to lose my vision of the business I thought it should be in order to grow the successful business it needed to be. I let go of some works so I could hire more rub healers.

That’s where the demand was, and I had to lose in order to win. And, boy, did I earn.

Business thrived. Demand developed. I opened a second location.

Loosen Your Tight Grip

I knew I was only able to do so much better by myself, as a solo studio owner. Sure, I could have kept a successful business all to myself, stayed in my first point, continued a watchful eye on every aspect of my little region, and never ventured outside that ease region. And I would have a small therapeutic massage studio with a very limited number of people I could touch in positive channels. I would be owned and operator of an independent business. And everyone else would be my opponent.

Instead, I decided to be a loser. When I signed a contract with Fitness Together Holdings Inc. to franchise the notions, I let go of some of that domination in order to share the wealth with others. Some might have guessed I was rendering it all apart, but I knew I had to lose my tight hold the line things in order for a good business to become a great national order. Today there are 75 other studios in my same business, with the same name, who are not my opponents. That does me the luckiest loser in the world.

A Step Backward Can Be a Leap Forward

In a tighten economy, everyone has to tighten his or her belt. At the three Components Therapeutic Massage studios I continued to co-own until recently, we had a great team of 45 employees. As business owners, our most important obligation was to make their payroll. But when purchaser reserves developed lean in 2008 and 2009, I was had to deal with a tough decision. I could compensate my studio directors, or I could offer myself. My partner and I agreed that we had to lose the studio managers and re-enter the daily operations of the business. I felt like I had lost again. Why did I have to go backwards?

Once again, the loss was a blessing in guise. It had been a while since I actively overseen a studio on a day-to-day basis. Now was a chance to revisit the nitty-gritty. I learned that the systems work if we work them, and I gained immense confidence in the business and systems I have already established. They’re as good today as they were when I caused them. In point, they’re better due to the contributions of our amazing right owners.

Be Your Own GPS and Navigate Change

The countryside of life is always changing. A artery we thought we’d be roaming forever can detour, disappear, or turn out to be heading in the wrong direction. It helps to have an internal GPS that can recalculate your road. If you want to make it as a massage healer, manager, or business proprietor, know that losses can be great opportunities. Be resilient, check in with yourself after every wrong turn or unexpected deterrent, and stay on the jaunt.

Like it is for me, losing may be the secret to your success.

Michele Merhib is the founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, are stationed in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There are currently 75 dealership spots in the United Commonwealth. Visit franchise or call 877.663.0880, ext. 51.

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