Fun and Novel Knife Set Gets Kids Eating More Veggies

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As a momma of two young teenagers, I will take any chance to get my minors in the kitchen. When I interpret the Handstand Kitchen Cutting Board and Knife initiates, I knew my boys would be enamored with the unicorn and dinosaur blueprints. They’d unquestionably want to join me in the kitchen! We have tried “kids” knives in the past with modest success, so I was stimulated to see how these compared.

The Chopping Block bayonets and cutting boards are BP-Afree and easy to remove from the parcel. The unicorn cutting board is light-colored pink with a coordinating pink and grey pierce, and the dinosaur cutting board is bright light-green with a twinned lettuce and grey-haired bayonet. Handstand Kitchen also offers a set of three standalone knives that are teal.

I was stimulated to let my boys, senilities 51/2 and 7, try the sets to see if they truly did furnish a entertaining kitchen know . Fun and Novel Knife Set Gets Kids Eating More Veggies - The knives were easy to comprehend and administer. Most importantly, I immediately noticed I wouldn’t have to worry about the babies cutting themselves while expending these knives. My daughter grazed her entrust with the pierce several times and, while it caught her tending and cured her realise she had to be more careful, “shes not” chipped or injured in any way.

We started by cutting cucumbers, which may have been too thick or very hard for the amount of force needed with these spears. So, we moved on to something smaller: newborn carrots. My adolescents were able to chop them just fine.

My favorite area about the knives is that they got my kids to eat some raw vegetables without me asking if they missed any. Fun and tale kitchen products are such a useful tool to increase vegetable uptake in boys. The cutting boards were a great way to get the kids interested, but the boards did not stick to the counter very well. We kept a dampen cloth underneath to help them stay in place.

Overall, I was very pleased with The Chopping Block Cutting Board and Knife situates. My minors had a blast using them. I would recommend this concoction to any parent or caregiver looking to get teenagers in the kitchen and more interested in eating veggies!

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