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Right now, many of us are missing our regional fitness studios and the source of connection they afford. We’ve ever intended our online categories to complement the in-person experience, letting you fill in moments of practice throughout your hectic planned, fulfill a particular need, and bring your favorite teachers into your living room or with you on the road.

Live class control our collective intensity and remind us that no matter what’s happening in the world, we can keep moving through it together. As we’ve settled into the reality of living and practicing during a pandemic, it’s propagandized us to find new ways to recreate the in-studio experience now on Glo.

On Monday, we’re launching our first-ever LIVE grades, allowing you to join your comrade community members from around the globe and tradition together in real season. We’ll feature a weekly livestream schedulein For You and let you sign up for categories in advance for lent motivation–just like at the studio. Most importantly, our live first-class will let you share the current moment with your favorite Glo professors. They’ll be able to explore topics that are relevant right now, so you’ll have ongoing support during a hour of so much better global convert.

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Head to the For Youtab to find the scheduleof upcoming live classifies in the upper-right-hand corner.Click “Sign me up” to reserve your place in advance and we’ll email you a relation when it’s almost time for class. Starting an hour before class, you can either use the link or manager to For You to join the countdown until these best practices begins. A class that is about to start or already in progress will appear in For You with a red button that says “Join now.” Once you’ve joined, you can set up and relax. Your teacher will start the class at the scheduled time. Enjoy practicing live with the community!

We’re so excited to practice together in a whole new way. Get ready, because the countdown is on!

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