Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Donuts

Rich gluten free chocolate patty donuts with a thick glaze will fulfill your donut cravings, and they’re ready in instants. Make any daytime into a celebration, easily.

image of one chocolate glazed donut with a bite taken

Why there is a requirement a great gluten free donut recipe

I started broiling gluten free donuts when my gluten free son was in grammar school. They perpetually fetching Dunkin Donuts into school to celebrate perfectly anything( or nothing ). I demanded him to have something just like what everyone else was eating.

If you have a kid with dietary restrictions, you is not enjoy the celebration dates. Peculiarly when my son was little, and I exactly didn’t trust anyone to make sure he wasn’t mindlessly gobbling something that wasn’t safe for him.

stack of gluten free chocolate cake donuts in a stack

…even if you don’t really devour donuts

But even if you’re the one who is gluten free, and you’re long past grammar school birthday defendants, you still need a gluten free donut recipe. Even if you never really liked donuts before you led gluten free, you will have that day when you recognise you “can’t” have one.

I believe that just knowing you can make a great gluten free donut has superpower. That’s true whether you even determine the donuts or not. Ever.

two images, one of cake donut batter in the pan and one of baked donuts

Baking donuts in a donut pan

I baked these in the oven in a simple nonstick Wilton donut pan. Be sure the donut pan you use has a tall fairly center.

If your donut go has a super short center column( button ?), the smash may rise over it and close it up. And what’s a donut without a gap?

They bake in just a few minutes in the oven. You are also welcome to impel them as miniature donuts that direction, very. If you’re trying to imitative Dunkin Donuts, though, go with the full-sized donuts.

removing gluten free chocolate cake donuts from a donut maker

Baking donuts in a donut make

If you happen to own one of the mini electric donut creators, I highly recommend cooking these donuts in it. Simply heat the machine, and hose the smash into the holes, crowding the lower half of the pits completely.

Close the machine, and tell them roast. They’ll be ready in about three minutes, but you’ll know it’s time to remove the donuts when they start to fragrance amazing.

You can’t really lick those little machines for fast and easy. I have the Babycakes Donut Makers you see in the how-to video here, but there are also a knot of companies that make a version of them. I’m sure they all undertaking similarly.

gluten free chocolate cake donut batter

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve impulse-bought more than one of the Dash brand miniature electric baking gadgets. There may or may not be a single-waffle maker in my kitchen( there is ).

If you can bake something miniature, and better hitherto without turning on the oven, I can’t help myself. They’re adorable, and neater and easier and the whole kitchen is nice and cool.

just glazed and decorated chocolate cake donuts from a donut pan

Ingredients and substitutions Dairy

There is dairy in two models in these donuts: butter, and cream. Each can be replaced without much consequence on the recipe.

The butter in the donuts can be replaced with Melt or Miyoko’s Kitchen brand vegan butter. Earth Balance buttery persists, which are not usually my favorite butter replacing, should work here, too.

In place of the cream, try canned coconut milk. Don’t try out only coconut cream, though, which is too thick and doesn’t have enough moisture. Shake up that can first.


The combination of lubricant and cocoa powder is what attains these donuts rich and chocolatey. The butter dedicates them richness. It’s the combination of all 3 ingredients that constitutes rich donuts without softened chocolate in the batter.

You can use any neutral oil you like. Grapeseed, canola, vegetable, or peanut oil will all toil just fine.


There are two eggs in this recipe. You should be able to replace them both with one” chia egg” each.

To make one chia egg, compound 1 tablespoon grind white-hot chia seeds+ 1 tablespoon tepid ocean, mingled and allowed to gel. I wouldn’t recommend trying simpler permutations, like applesauce.


According to Signature Brands, Cake Mate and Betty Crocker brand sprinkles and nonpareils are gluten free( at least in the U.S .). I figure if I’m going to give my adolescents a carbohydrate hurry before school, I’m going all the way, but of course the decorative handles are optional.

This recipe is from my second cookbook, Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick& Easy. under the name” Yeast Free Chocolate Doughnuts .” There are at least eight other recipes for gluten free donuts here on the blog. Some are yeast-raised, others are not. They’re all amazing!

image of three chocolate cake donuts on a plate

image of 3 chocolate cake donuts: batter, glazed on tray, and in a stack

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