Gluten Free Grasshopper Brownies

Gluten free grasshopper brownies are debased double bed fudgy brownies filled with a simple mint-flavored fudge. Inspired by the classic chocolate pile cocktail, and perfect for a special occasion.

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A brand-new and enhanced grasshopper brownie recipe

I used to obligate these grasshopper brownies the “classic” nature, with a brownie underside, slew replenishing, and a chocolate ganache exceeding. It savoured great, but the chocolate surpassing drawn the brownies much more fragile and cluttered to eat.

If you think about it, where you are supposed to hold a brownie with an disclosed ganache transcend? I thought about uttering them much more often than I actually obligated them, considering the mess.

This version of gluten free grasshopper brownies is truly” new and improved .” We starting with our super fudgy gluten free browniesrecipe because it broils terribly evenly, with no perceptible dome.

Divided among two washes and baked for slightly less time, these fudgy brownies are excellent for layering around a simple mint fudge replenish. Really be sure to chill the made brownie, with the fudge coating, until the fudge is firm. Patience, grasshopper.

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Ingredients and substitutions

These fudge-filled brownies “ve got a lot” of ingredients you might be wondering about. The recipe is quite simple( make a brownie recipe split between two pans, bake the layers and make them cool, load with an easy fudge combine ).

But since it has two parts and they’re each very specific, I’m going to help you navigate different dietary concerns as far as is possible. The result is worthwhile, but if you’d prefer a simple chewy gluten free brownie recipe, don’t let me stand in your practice.

Grasshopper brownies raw in pans.


There is dairy in both the brownie and the load recipes. I’ve successfully changed the dairy in the brownies, but I haven’t tried the filling–although I have some suggestions.

For the brownies, replace the butter with an equal sum by value of Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, the paste with nondairy milk, and make sure your chocolate is dairy free. And skip the salt, since Earth Balance is very salty.

For the replenish, you can try replacing the candied compressed milk with a dairy free potpourrus. You can obligate your own sweetened condensed milk, but I’ve also attended storage bought motleys. For white chocolate, I recommend employing my recipe for vegan white-hot chocolate to determine your own.


You can try using one “chia egg”( 1 tablespoon soil white-hot chia grains+ 1 tablespoon tepid irrigate, mingled and allowed to gel) in place of each egg in this recipe. I haven’t tried this substitution, though, so you’ll have to experiment.

Gluten free grasshopper brownies sliced overhead

Gluten Free Flour Blend

This recipe calls for 3/4 goblet of my basic gum-free gluten free flour mingle, a simple mixture of superfine white rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca starch/ flour. You can be utilized another gum-free blend if you like, and it shouldn’t matter too much. But you want to avoid xanthan gum.

Cocoa powder

If you don’t have Dutch treated chocolate pulverization, use natural unsweetened but add 1/8 teaspoon baking soda to neutralize the acid.

Meat coloring

I use Americolor brand gel food coloring, because it’s good quality and reliably gluten free. I buy it on Amazon( I have this neat little situate( affiliate associate )), and you really don’t need more than a few primary colors in small-time squeeze bottles.

If you’re against food coloring as a general rule, feel free to leave it out. It’s absolutely inessential, and a lily-white mint seam will still taste, well, minty if you’ve added the flavoring.

If you’re interested in a food coloring debate, this is the face you are able to imagine my having:

Mint flavoring

Peppermint extracts tend to vary widely in the strength of the mint, so begin with less extract and delicacy the fudge with a spoonful before you lend more. I prefer to use creme de menthe flavor because it has a well balanced sugared slew taste.

LorAnn brand spice petroleums are gluten free. I find them on Amazon, and in my regional aircraft stores( JoAnn and Michael’s ). A little travels a long way.

Gluten free grasshopper brownies bitten

Gluten free grasshopper brownies are decadent double layer fudgy brownies filled with a simple mint-flavored fudge.

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