Gluten Free S’mores Pie | No Bake Option

This super easy gluten free s’mores pasty, made as minis or entire, has all the taste of s’mores in a nifty little pie. Because straight up traditional s’mores are( unforgivably) messy.

Easy Gluten Free Miniature 'Smores Pies

Minis or one single gluten free s’mores tart?

When I first made this recipe, I offset it only into miniature pies. My children were quite young, and throwing each of the three of them their own pie just seemed like the safest thing to do.

No fighting over the biggest piece! You pick up the whole pie with your hands! The whole idea of making a s’mores pie of any kind was to avoid the messiness of a traditional graham cracker | chocolate | marshmallow s’more.

But it’s more work to realize miniature pies, and the miniature recipe certainly is more efficient if you have a 6-well cake panel pan that you receive pictured below. They truly are adorable.

Gluten free s'mores pie slice closeup

No broil or( low) roast cookie pie crusts

The pie eggshells that I prefer to use there are cooked, but in a very low oven( only 300 degF ). I’ve included a no-bake option, though, because a no-bake cookie crust is a classic.

I prefer the low-baked pie crust because it’s more stable and easy to handle. If you’re making a single 9-inch tart, you can confidently use the no-bake crust.

Easy Gluten Free Miniature 'Smores Pies, Step by Step

How to originate the mini pies

I met my pies in my USA Pans cake panel pan because I adore that wash and I like the sizing. I also made a batch of pies in a standard 12 -cup muffin tin and they were lovely, too.

It’s a bit more work to determine the mini pies in a 12 -cup muffin tin. You’ll have to press the tart crust into 12 little pits, but it’s worth the trouble.

whole uncut gluten free s'mores pie

How to make a full 9-inch tart

The best acces to make a full gluten free s’mores pasty that is easy to slice and help is using a springform wash. If you don’t have a springform pan, you can utterly use a deep-dish pie pan.

A regular shallow pie wash won’t hold all of the chocolate ganache replenishing. If you’d prefer to fix the tart in service standards, more shallow pasty pan, merely increase the ganache replenishing recipe by 30%.

Chocolate ganache before being stirred

How to reach the chocolate ganache crowding

Chocolate ganache is the simplest mix of patches of chocolate and smolder cream. The simmer cream softens the chocolate, and the smorgasbord can be made into chocolate truffles, used as a rained icing over a cake, or beat into a chocolate frosting.

Place the chocolate, in either chopped or in melting saucers, in a heat-safe bowl. Place the ointment in a small saucepan, and raising it to a gently boil/ robust simmer.

While the ointment is still simmering, pour it over the chocolate portions. Allow it to sit until it lightens the chocolate, then whisk until it’s smooth and glossy. The proportions of cream and chocolate will differ, will vary depending on how conglomerate the ganache is meant to be.

Marshmallow topping on a spatula

How to oblige the marshmallow topping

This marshmallow topping is very simple in notion, but it does require a candy thermometer. The notion is to place a bit of pulverized gelatin in a small bowl, allow it to gel and then add it to a mixing bowl.

Then, cook carbohydrate and ocean until it reaches the” softball place ,” or 240 degF on an instantaneous read candy thermometer. Add the sizzling carbohydrate combination slowly to the wet gelatin, and lash until the concoction triples in size.

This is a low-gelatin mixture, because we want a pourable topping. It will still dehydrate conglomerate enough to slice.

If you’re just not willing to break out the candy thermometer to procreate your own marshmallow topping, you can use store-bought gluten free marshmallows. Most labels at least in the U.S. are gluten free.

Just place them in a microwave-safe bowl with about 1 tablespoon of butter per 8 ounces of marshmallows. Melt the marshmallows and butter in the microwave in 30 -second times or over a double boiler, and pour the combination over the top of the replenished shells.

Ingredient and substitutes Dairy

The butter in the tart layer can be replaced with Earth Balance buttery affixes, or certainly most other butter substitutions that are solid at room temperature. The cream in the chocolate ganache can be replaced with canned coconut milk. Only be sure you’re using dairy-free chocolate.


If you can’t have eggs, just use the no-bake tart layer recipe. It doesn’t call for the egg.


I have just begun experimenting with uttering marshmallows and other recipes like homemade Jello gelatin with agar agar. I’m not ready to give anyone advice on how to make love more, though!

There are symbols of packaged marshmallows that are vegan. If you would like to make a vegan marshmallow topping, I recommend squandering those. Instead of a tablespoon of butter, try Earth Balance buttery sticks.

Easy Gluten Free Miniature 'Smores Pies

Marshmallow topping, s'mores pie slice with bite taken, and whole uncut s'mores pie.Easy Gluten Free Miniature 'Smores Pies

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