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Tree trunkTrees of my life

My father coached me how to flower trees. Dig a big hole Carry the tree from the beginnings Make sure there is plenty of soft grime in different areas of the seeds Give it slew of sea When you plant the next tree, give it enough room to grow Keep watering it until it is established We seeded lots of pine trees together. Over and over. His thoughtful counselings, the pattern of delving holes, arranging the trees, crowding in the holes moves through me today.

I have seeded the thousands of trees. Everywhere I have lived, I embed trees and shrubs. Thanks to my early experiences with my Dad, they virtually all “make it.”

The tiny pine trees we seeded together over 40 decades ago are huge now.

Plant another tree

For the past few weeks, I have been following these same directions with two minuscule tree shoots I acquired from the Arbor Day Foundation. One red maple, one elderberry. I retain my dad pointing out elderberry shrubs while we looked for a arrange to bush a few pine trees. Elderberry…his mother used to obligate jam-pack or jelly from them. I was smaller than the shrub, the berries seemed gargantuan- that minute robbed into my cells.

Elderberry seedling

My Elderberry Seedling

There are so many riddles to this life.

For me, trees, shrubs, floras have been a through order, a region of teach, communication, recall, and joy. Why Elderberry? I have no idea- but every time I encounter an elderberry, I remember that moment on the side of the hill, near our pond, with my dad.

My tiny elderberry stem came in the mail a month ago- I knew exactly what to do : Dig a puncture, residence the roots in soft clay, give it batch of water.

From a single branch, leaves and limbs are germinating. Today I breathe a sigh of easing, this one is going to make it! And so is the red maple. I enjoy “ve been with” trees- for no particular reason other than the wizard of euphorium that I am filled with when I am with them.

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