Gustavo Padron on the history and meaning of PRIDE

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June marks the beginning of a month-long celebration–PRIDE. Traditionally, this is a time for foolish parades, charming rainbow flags, and an overall big celebration of adore and self-expression. Pride, which stands for Personal Rights In Defence and Education, emerged as a motion of equal opportunities and a need to acknowledge the inalienable birthrights of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and gay parties.

The Stonewall Uprising, a 5-day riot against police brutality led by Black and Brown trans Women and Queer parties, marked the beginning of this movement. This time, PRIDE will be no different–the LGBTQ+ community is coming together in solidarity with BIPOC to challenge an result to police barbarism and racial abuse against Black communities.

The word PRIDE resonates differently with each of us. For me, Pride is a celebration of inclusivity and self-expression. Pride is a reassurance that I belong in this life, free to live my truth, celebrate my uniqueness, and desire myself unconditionally. It is a reminder that it doesn’t matter who you adore, what you do, or how much “youve had”. At the end of the day, when we strip apart all the labels, we are all ONE species that am willing to love and love each other.

What does Pride mean to you? How can you show up in a more desiring and countenancing nature for yourself and for others?

It is my hope that this blog inspires you to show up, live boldly, and be proud of who you are today and every day after. Let’s all continue to be advocates for acceptance, equality, and inclusivity. Let’s rewrite the negative self-talk we’ve permitted ourselves to believe for so long and learn ourselves to embrace our changes and cherish ourselves unconditionally. Here’s to living life knowing that we are enough! Here’s to living life knowing that we belong! Here’s to paving the track for the next generation to know that they deserve to feel safe, cherished, and countenanced!

To the Trans and Queer community that suffer so boldly during a meter of injustice and inequality, we say thank you. To my LGBTQ+ community, it’s our time to stand PROUD with our black brothers and sisters, we need to come together now more than ever!

Sending you all my kindnes,

Gustavo Padron

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