Healthy at home for the holidays

Holidays ask zero excuse to indulge. It’s THE season of desserts, sipping, and late light training( safely, of course !).

But year after year, these leniencies always seem to catch up with us. Whether it’s an actual hangover or a need for a vacation from our vacation, the post-holiday blues hit hard.

And yet, we predict “healthy holiday how to’s” and “survival guides” as though they supported trade secrets we don’t once know.

But what most rolls won’t say is that you already harboured the key to having a healthy anniversary because many of us have been obligating these hand-pickeds long before the holidays came along–moving more, devouring healthy meals, drinking water , not overdoing it. But the holidays continue to be like the Super Bowl for testing our temptation.

The thing is, all of these persuasion gives have been around all time long, the holidays time happen to wrap them up in different( albeit, beautiful !) box that we ALL fall victim to.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the tips-off we find most helpful when it comes to navigating this time of year. Some you may previously know, and others might give a new approaching on an old-fashioned drawback. All are meant to provide the support you need to make this holiday the healthiest and happiest for you and your loved ones.

Tip 1: Get the most out of every morsel

Mindful eating doesn’t mean missing out on your holiday favourites. Instead, it’s about actually allowing yourself to pander and enjoy because it’s a give that comes around once a year. Pairs well with our Digestion Collection.

Tip 2: Arm yourself with a chaser at all times

Double fisting could never be more classy. Add a class from our Healthy Holidays Collection and swallow on some water alongside alcohol to minimize dehydration. Make it bubbly and add some lemon!

Tip 3: Rest is best

Holiday burnout is very real. Rest is like a full-body face-lift, simply it’s free and involves zero downtime. Try a class from our Sleep Well Collection to offset unwinding easier and switch screens to Dark Mode.

Tip 4: Move more

No time for your normal 45 -minute workout? Trim it down to 20, like one of the categories from our Total Body in 20 Collection. Or, take your Zoom to-go and talk while you walk.

Tip 5: Show a bit added love

When you feel good it demonstrates. Take a class from our Your Practice is Showing Collection to show off your Savasana afterglow or give yourself to the little things you affection. Because, when we nourish ourselves, we’re more present for the ones we love.

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