Healthy Eggless Almond Scones {1-Bowl Recipe!}

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Learn how to draw the most wonderful classic almond scones from scratch! They’re truly moist and tender, even with no eggs, cream, refined flour or carbohydrate. You simply need 1 container and 30 hours to shape them more, and they’re 137 calories!

Best Easy Healthy Whole Wheat Eggless Greek Yogurt Moist Almond Scones

Last month, a solid week of cool and drizzly periods interrupted our often mild Southern California weather. As the rainwater falls outside, gently tapping against the window next to my desk, I grabbed a coat rug and brewed a big mug of herbal tea to keep me warm while I worked.

Weather like that ever reminds me of our clas vacation to England and Scotland. Even though we called during the summer, we still knowledge overcast skies and regular rain showers most daylights during our outing … And we even started joking about wheeling down the car windows as we drove through the Scottish countryside, precisely to adhere our limbs out and soak up a few brief moments of sunshine and Vitamin D before the mass returned!

Best Easy Healthy Low Calorie Eggless Gluten Free Vegan Almond Scones

As those infancy retentions started hovering back through my thought, I decided to play the Harry Potter movies in the background while I cooked and edited recipe photos, time to hear those same British accents that I retained from our vacation. But because the rain continued to fall for another six straight daylights, I finished watching the entire line before the showers stopped…

So I turned to the Great British Bake Off on Netflix next! I begins with the early seasons, smiling as the rivals planned their best and unbelievably imaginative recipes for Mary and Paul to savor, straddling from simple cookies and bars to more flamboyant made-from-scratch smoke pasties and multi-tiered cakes with intricately piped chocolate adornments.

Best Easy Healthy Clean Eating Greek Yogurt Homemade Almond Scones No Eggs

Towards the end of each hour, Mary and Paul receded to a bit table in the judges’ tent to discuss the three challenges, select a winner, and decide which baker to transport dwelling. Nearly every single time, mugs of tea and plates of sugareds sat in front of them, and after watching a few too many chapters in a row…

I started to implore afternoon tea — and pastries to go with it very! But instead of making any of the recipes that the contenders, Mary, or Paul shared on the evidence …

Best Easy Healthy Low Sugar Whole Wheat Egg Free Moist Almond Scones

I roasted these Healthy One-Bowl Eggless Almond Scones! With no eggs, cream, refined flour or sugar, these are much healthier than any of the ones from the Great British Bake Off, but they’re still incredibly moist and tender on the inside. No baked scones here — I promise!

This easy recipe also requires very little time to prepare — really half an hour! — obligating it perfect for lazy, slow-paced weekend brunches and even speedy weekday breakfast gives. Plus each scone is 137 calories!

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