Healthy One-Bowl Blueberry Muffins

Learn how to obligate the BEST blueberry muffins from scratch! You really need one bowl and a crotch. So simple! They’re sweet, supremely moist, bursting with juicy berries, and have a cupcake-like texture … Yet the product contains no heavy cream, refined flour or carbohydrate and 104 calories! Nobody ever conceives they’re actually healthful!

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Clean Eating One-Bowl Moist Blueberry Muffins

During my sophomore year of high school, our marching clique director unionized a errand to Hawaii during our week-long spring break. Bright and early on that particular Saturday, all 250 of us( plus dozens of chaperones !) gather together the San Francisco airport to committee planes for our trip.

We stayed in Waikiki just a block or two away from the coast, however terminated up with very little downtime at our hotel during the week. Our band director scheduled a short parade for us one day, along with a full conduct for each of the three concert stripes and the two jazz bands.

Throughout the week, he also set up plenty of sightseeing excursions around the island. We depleted half a epoch at Pearl harbor and the tributes there, robbing in the sobering displays; knit around the city in our five huge contract buses for a driving expedition, including proceed by’ Iolani Palace, the residence of the final Hawaiian monarches; accompanied around the largest mall on the island for an afternoon of keepsake shopping; and heading toward a different dinner, luau, banquet, or appearance every single evening.

I’m sure the nonstop tasks were intentional … and probably his room of impeding specific mischievous men out of trouble!

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Gluten Free Sugar Free Low Fat Blueberry Muffins

Despite the different activities that crowded our dates, the mornings ever started the same way. Our band director had prepaid for all of our breakfasts at a buffet smudge pinpointed two blocks up the street from our hotel, we are therefore traipsed over there shortly after waking up to grab fuel for our jam-packed days.

Each morning, we observed almost the exact same alternatives: irking foods filled with hot clambered eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, pancakes, and toast; big plates piled high-pitched with fresh tropical fruit; a made-to-order omelet station alongside a cook cutting thick slivers of hot ham; and a half dozen baskets deeming heated bagels, croissants, donut pits, and muffins.

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Whole Wheat Low Sugar Moist Blueberry Muffins

As a carb-loving girl even back then, I often served myself a small spoonful of scrambled eggs … then pate straight-from-the-shoulder for the fruit and pastries to fill the rest of my illustration. Once satisfied, I gaped around to find a table with my friends to eat my meal.

Towards the midriff of the week, I decided to reach for a blueberry muffin instead of my usual lemon poppy seed( the only muffin flavor I’d eat as a little girl !), and after sitting down, I sobbing off a small piece and popped it into my cavity. As I withdrew, my sees wide …

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Weight Watchers Low Calorie Blueberry Muffins

It was the best blueberry muffin I had ever savor! Supremely sweet, so moist with a cupcake-like texture, utterly abounding with juicy berries … I roughly forgot about the rest of my menu on my dish as I hopped up to grab a second, and I ingest one every day as part of my breakfast for the rest of the week!

In hindsight, those muffins probably perceived so incredible and dessert-like because they were filled with lots of butter, sugar, and heavy cream …

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Low Fat Homemade Super Moist Blueberry Muffins

But these Healthy One-Bowl Blueberry Muffins taste just as amazing — and they’re certainly much healthier! They have no heavy cream, refined flour or carbohydrate … Yet they’re still just as sweet, moist, and cupcake-like as the muffins I devour in Hawaii!

Even better, these healthful blueberry muffins are simple to move. You time need one bowl and a crotch. That’s it! And they’re 104 calories!

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