Healthy Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies {Dairy-Free!}

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Learn how to constitute these astounding peach oatmeal breakfast cookies from scratch! With slew of juicy peaches, cozy spices, and a special secret ingredient, they savor like my grandma’s far-famed peach pasty … Yet they have no dairy, refined flour or carbohydrate and merely 69 calories!

Best Easy Healthy Low Calorie Dairy Free Soft Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

The summertime after I graduated from college, I drove down to Southern California to celebrate with a weekend at Disneyland. I bought a special “hopper pass” ticket, which let me switch between both the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks, to spend as much time on all of my favorite goes as possible.

Although I wished the milder journeys of Dumbo, Peter Pan, and It’s a Small World as a little girl, my adult self gravitated towards the roller coasters, like the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, California Screamin’( as it was announced back then !), and Thunder Mountain Railroad( “This here’s the wildest razz in the wilderness! ” )… Along with abundance of other thrilling and merriment travels extremely!

Because I was just going to Disneyland to perform with my clique years at least once a year from 7th through 12 th tier, I actually knew the entire layout of that theme park better than my hometown. I had all of the pathways( and shortcuts !) memorized, which really cured me steer through the crowds, avoid the most jam-packed walkways, and downplay down go between trips.

Best Easy Healthy Low Fat Gluten Free Chewy Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

To avoided wasting time by standing in long strings for meat, and therefore to squeeze in even more journeys, I also carried lots of snacks in my handbag. On the drive down from Northern California, I has recognized that my hotel was just a few blocks away from a big grocery store, so although I had backpack a few alternatives in my automobile before leaving residence, I still leader there shortly after checking in to grab a few cases more things.

I crowded my shop basket with nonperishables like darknes chocolate and soft-baked granola rails, and I likewise headed to the produce section to pick out some fresh fruit for breakfasts. As I contacted for a crate of light-green grapes( one of my favorites !), I noticed a little sign promoting a sale on peaches…

Just $ 0.99 per pound!

Best Easy Healthy Whole Wheat Low Sugar Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

I nearly shrieked in turmoil. My family and I still hadn’t roasted my grandma’s far-famed peach tart that summertime, even though it was already mid-July, because we hadn’t seen any good peaches at our regional grocery stores … So I immediately grabbed as countless as I could, figuring that they’d be almost perfectly ripe by the time I drove back home a few days later.

However … I failed to realize just how tempting those peaches would be on my 8-hour drive. It made so much willpower to leave them in the bag and save all of them for the tart! I purposed up devouring a few chewy oat-filled granola bars for my breakfast and road trip snacks instead the working day, and although I loved their sweetened spices and soft texture, I still implored a big juicy peach to go with them.

Best Easy Healthy Clean Eating Dairy Free Chewy Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Finally, far too many years later, I ultimately figured out a great compromise … These Healthy Peach Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies! They have a soft and chewy composition like the granola barrooms I affection back then( and the same texture as regular “dessert” cookies more !), and they likewise got the same inescapable flavors as my grandma’s peach pie: juicy outcome, cozy spices, and her special mystery ingredient!

Yet unlike those store-bought granola barrooms, these healthful breakfast cookies contain no dairy, refined flour or carbohydrate. They’re exactly 69 calories too!

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