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Recipe: Baked Grain Loaf with Umami Sauce

 baked grain loafThis versatile loaf is a perfect green-light main course for your holiday dinner table. I like to use whatever grains I have on hand––usually my Basic BROL!––and pair this loaf with a side of steamed greens, sweet potatoes, and assorted veggies. Get the free recipe on, and watch a video on how it’s made on our Instagram


Key Takeaways: Alcohol

bottles of alcoholic beveragesThe holidays are a time for celebrating and, for many, that includes cocktails, beer, and wine. But regular consumption of alcohol has some potentially serious side effects…besides the hangover. See how alcohol can impact long-term outlooks on liver health and cancer on our topic page




Impact Story: Jay S.  

Jay SI love hearing stories of how my work has changed people’s lives. Thank you to Jay for sending in his transformative story. 

“I am a 25-year-old graduate engineering student, originally from India, but I have lived in the UK and USA for about six years now. I have been a vegetarian all my life. I consider myself one of the fittest guys in my peer group, playing soccer for four years at the collegiate level, and I recently completed a half marathon. Soon after, I got my first ever lipid panel test done just because I thought I should have a data point of my health. The results were shocking. My total cholesterol was 286, LDL 168, and triglycerides 402. I was in disbelief. How can someone who runs four times a week and plays soccer have such bad numbers?

Through a family friend, I came across the book How Not to Die. I read that book in two days and listened to every single talk Dr. Greger has on the internet. Soon after, I started following a strict whole food, plant-based diet. I got my lipid panel done again after just two weeks, and all of my numbers improved dramatically: Total cholesterol went from 286 to 230, LDL from 168 to 144, and triglycerides from 402 to 236. I am so thankful to Dr. Greger for his public service, and I have recommended all my friends get a copy of his book and open their eyes to the junk they are eating.”


Top Three Videos

Gluten-free grains in bowlsThe Potential Harm in Unnecessary Gluten-Free Diets – How might we prevent the inflammation from gluten-free diets?



Assorted fruits and vegetables on counterHow to Naturally Reduce Wrinkles with Food – Almonds are put to the test in a ​​randomized controlled trial for facial wrinkles.



Group of runnersWhy All Athletes Should Eat Plant-Based Diets – Enhance athletic performance with diet.




Live Q&A

Live Q&AEvery month, I do a live Q&A right from my treadmill, and the next one is today, December 15!

At 3 pm ET, tune in on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, or (new!) directly on You can find links to past live Q&As here on