Homemade Strawberry Puree and Syrup

Homemade strawberry puree is made by cooking frozen strawberries, sea, a pinch of salt, and some sugar. Make it as light-headed or sweetened as you like, and use it to make all sorts of treats.

Serving spoon with strawberry puree

How do you make a strawberry puree from scratch?

I’m sharing this recipe for how to meet strawberry puree or syrup because I realized how unbelievably often I use it in recipes, and simply in my life. I use it to determine strawberry milk( well, two daughters use it that way ), as an ice cream topping, and over some yogurt and granola.

It’s extremely handy in no cook recipes, which like everyone else I utter most frequently in the warmer months. The natural sweetness in the strawberries, plus any carbohydrate that you add to them, helps keep the puree or syrup fresh for at least a couple of weeks in the refrigerator, too.

Strawberry puree ingredients raw in pan

Strawberry puree or strawberry syrup

Think of strawberry syrup as a sweeter, thicker account of strawberry puree. Both begin by cooking frozen strawberries, irrigate, carbohydrate, and a bit of salt in a saucepan.

There’s no reason to thaw the strawberries ahead of time, since they’ll thaw over the hot. We compute a little of irrigate, which principally cooks off, so that the combination doesn’t burn before the strawberries release their own moisture.

The strawberry puree is made by cooking the combine exactly until the strawberries are softened and the mixture has only just begun to reduce. Puree with a stick blender while everything is still in the go, or in a regular blender in batches since a red-hot liquid will expand during blending.

If you’d like to form the thicker, sweeter syrup, merely lend a bit more sweetness( to savour) to the puree, and cook it down until the volume is reduced by about half. You’ll starting with about 3 bowls( 24 liquor ounces or 700 ml) of puree, and finish with about 1 1/2 cups( 12 flowing ounces or 350 ml) of syrup.

Concentrated strawberry puree spoonful

The photo time above is the syrup, thickened greatly from the puree. You can see how dark and rich in complexion it is.

How to use the strawberry puree or syrup

Here are the most shining examples of recipes in my regular dwelling rotation that use some kind of either the puree or the more concentrated syrup. If sweetness is not that important to you, you can use the strawberry puree and the syrup interchangeably in these recipes.

The perfect smooth and milky no bake strawberry cheesecake, did with strawberries, cream cheese and flogged paste, plus a bit of gelatin and carbohydrate. If you have a whole bunch of strawberry syrup drew, really use that in place of the first 4 ingredients of the cheesecake filling.

For a lighter option, try our recipe for no bake strawberry yogurt pie. In that recipe, I recommend the syrup instead of the puree, since the pasty is otherwise not very sweet.

Smooth and creamy, naturally gluten free strawberry yogurt popsicles are perfect for a refreshing breakfast on the go, or an afternoon snack. Make them with fresh or frozen berries.

Smooth and milky, naturally gluten free strawberry yogurt popsicles are perfect for a freshening breakfast on the go, or an afternoon snack. To move these popsicles, use half strawberry puree or syrup( syrup for a more decadent, sweeter popsicle) and half plain yogurt.

Strawberry cupcake on a plate with the liner peeling off

These tender and light-footed gluten free strawberry cupcakes are flavored with cooked and pureed strawberry syrup, and surpassed with a strawberry coat or frosting. Use this strawberry puree or syrup in the cupcake batter and to determine that elegant glaze.

These healthy fruit dips, in strawberry and chocolate flavors, with Greek yogurt, light cream cheese, honey, fresh or frozen strawberries, and a bit of melted chocolate and cocoa powder are a hit at parties—or any time!

These healthful result plunges, in strawberry and chocolate spices, with Greek yogurt, light cream cheese, sugar, fresh or frozen strawberries, and a little of melted chocolate and cocoa pulverization are a hit at parties–or any time! Use in place of the strawberries and sugar for the strawberry fruit dip.

Ingredients and substitutes Strawberries

I always make this puree with frozen strawberries, since they’re the most wonderful, and the cheapest. And there’s really no good argument in favor of spending the money on fresh strawberries that you’re just going to cook down and puree.

If you’re interesting in modifications, I think you could make this with blueberries or raspberries, more. Raspberries do have much larger grains, though, than other berries( too, I’d say blackberries are out of the question for the above reasons ).

So try using a very fine mesh sieve to strain the puree at that step. You won’t remove all the grains, but you’ll remove the most bothersome ones. I is my finding that damaging the strawberry puree is easy, but certainly won’t catch every seed.


The sugar in this puree aids candy the strawberries, of course, but it also improves thicken the puree and syrup. You can easily replace it with honey, if you’d prefer to use an unrefined sugar.

Try using 2 tablespoons of sugar in place of twice as much( 1/4 cup) granulated carbohydrate. Go by preference, and mixture thickness.

Strawberry puree ingredients in pan, used in a no bake strawberry cheesecake, and in a jar.

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