How a post-holiday winter getaway helped us start the new year right

Recently, our crew managed to get away for a little bit of luxury and a whole lot of play at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I expected it to be a getaway” just for the boys ,” but I immediately realized that this place is incredible for boys of all ages! The used peculiarity an incredible indoor waterpark, on-site dining options, a great list of activities and attractions to choose from, and housings and cordiality were off the chart. They have everything you need, which is great because my focus was enjoying the much-needed downtime after such an action-packed holiday.

Sunshine and her boys posing on the fireplace in matching plaidPhotos provided by Sunshine Get cozy in a cozy cottage

I say ” our cozy bungalow” because the lodging genuinely felt like home. In fact, my little guy said time that as he marched up to the door. He’s a great traveler, but when any destination requires an overnight stay, he’ll have sad minutes throughout the trip where he tells us that he misses his bunked and wants to go home. But this go around, “theres nothing” like that. He was shocked at how cool the hut was, how his plaid coat joined the decor–yes, I intentionally dressed our household to match–and the children room realise him feel like a big boy. On the second floor, there are two bunk beds that both my sons still engaged over, a lavatory that they reluctantly shared and an additional room which they called the games room with a magnetized tic-tac-toe wall board.

The main floor space is remarkable with its high-pitched ceilings, a perfectly given kitchen, a gas fireplace and a luxury original ensuite. Their huts is prepared to accept up to 10 people and for those travelling with numerou genealogies, their semi-detached cabins have optional adjoining openings. The shacks are secluded and segregated from the primary construct, which I really liked. To get back to the main building they give a shuttle pick up/ drop off, you can drive over, or you can walk, which is approximately five minutes. But as you are well aware, with babies in tow, the five minutes could take between 15 to 20!

Photos to be submitted by Sunshine Take advantage of what your end has to offer

I don’t know where I went this idea, but I foresaw I’d be spending my trip-up following the children around, being their bag lady while I watched them enjoy the waterpark and activities. Yes, Great Wolf Lodge is a kid-friendly resort known for its indoor water park; however, their range of activities is quite impressive. We spent more period at the attractions and activities than the waterpark itself, and we weren’t mad about it.

When visiting GWL, I would recommend buying a Paw Pass. It’s great for the entire family and you get the best bang for your horse. The Paw Pass is a wrap highway to save on the Great Wolf Attractions. The children thought over to each attraction listed on the pass, complete it, have it bridged off and then move onto the next. It started a affectionate competition for the boys. We had a great time at the Northern Lights Arcade and Ten Paw Alley, and they picked out a sweet fudge treat at the Bear Claw Cafe. But the attraction that won us over as a family was MagiQuest, where you choose a sorcery sprig with special powers and go off on a seek throughout the building. It was so interactive and engaging. We were so caught up in the magical that we ended seven of the nine quests.

Photos provided by Sunshine Make sure there are good ingests for your wolf pack

While we had a fully gave kitchen available, we decided not to cook. The dining options were perfect for an overnight stay. A speedy lunch at Bucket Incredible Craveables, which is accessible in the waterpark, was a perfect meal to tide us over until the family dinner buffet at Antler Shanty. They have a great mix of healthy options and comfort food to crowd one’s sheet. And of course, this momma wolf needs her caffeine, and Canoe Coffee did not disappoint.

Photos provided by Sunshine

Our family getaway during the winter season was really good for the being. Canadian winters can be tough and frankly it didn’t take a lot to get away: just an hour and a half from Toronto, we were able to pull the trip off with minimum packing and planning. I’ll definitely be getting back with my wolf pack.

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