How does acupressure work?

Acupressure on handsBy activating the flow of Qi with push to particular point, acupressure allays sting and equilibriums the part vitality plan. Acupressure works with the energetic organization of Chinese medicine. The report contains 12 pathways where the energy( called Qi “chee “) spurts through the entire figure. These pathways are announced ” elevations” or “channels”.

Meridians and Acupressure Points

Qi( intensity) flows along the meridians in the same way that water in a brook spurts along a riverbed. The 12 meridians race longitudinally from the top and dresser to the arms, entrusts, digits, legs, feet, and toes. Acupressure phases are residences along the meridian where the Qi can be influenced. Acupressure moments are the same as acupoints, acupuncture tops, or simply “points”. Acupressure is the application of hands-on pressure to specific acupoints.

Acupressure points on faceWhy does acupressure handiwork?

Acupressure gets the Qi moving in order to relieve manifestations as diverse as joint pain, suspicion, and headaches. Acupressure uses when the root cause of these conditions is stuck, or sluggish, Qi. Have “youve been” noticed how good it feels to simply stretch your appendages up over your manager after a sitting for a very long time? That extend gets your exertion spurting. That appreciation of vitality, easy, and flow is coming from flood Qi.

Acupressure is a method of supporting the flow of Qi with the use of hands-on pressure to acupressure stations. Acupressure is simple, effective, and easily applicable in oneself and others.

Learn how to use acupressure stations

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