How Supporting Your Oral Health Can Help Prevent and Stop Cancer

If you or your loved ones are trying to avoid or address cancer, then you won’t want to miss this expert interrogation. It’s full of useful information to empower you on your move. Get ready to kick all anxiety to the curb and learn how to take back control on your outing to greater oral and whole-body health!

Have you ever wondered why some kinfolks develop cancer and others don’t?

Is it genetics, life-style dress, merely pure stupid fluke, or something else?

Is there anything we can do to help ourselves?

In this interview, we speak with Dr. Antonio ” Tony ” Jimenez, medical doctor, naturopathic physician, columnist, and founder of the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

Dr. Tony wrote the book, Hope for Cancer: 7 Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey. In his converse with OraWellness, Dr. Tony walkings us through his seven principles, including how oral health can play a role in preventing and stopping cancer.He likewise busts some delusions about cancer and shares his thoughts on the role played by our character, soul, and organization when it comes to maintaining or improving our state and wellness.Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or you only want to help yourself and your loved ones reduce your chances of developing it( or any other chronic diseases ), this interview has slew of helpful tips-off for you.

Please Note:

Due to a recent move, Dr. Tony’s internet relationship wasn’t super fast or stable when we filmed this expert interview in the beginning of the year. As a answer, Dr. Tony’s footage and sound are a little choppy at times.Technology is great when it works well, but when it doesn’t, it sure can be a bummer! We considered scrapping the interrogation, but ultimately, we decided to post it regardless because it’s just so full of useful information. So, we’re cater a PDF transcript to accompany this video and help clarify what’s being said during some of the connectivity glitches.

Download transcript PDF now .

Show Greenback:

01:55 What character does oral state play in the creation and reversal of cancer? 04:05 Why it’s important to get a dental evaluation by a biological or holistic dentist0 5:21 The four main dental toxins1 5:39 The problem with over-compartmentalization of the body1 7:11 Does “health” certainly only planned “the absence of illness”? 18:46 The interconnection between spirit, soul, and body2 1:41 Regardless of what you’re faced with, there’s still hope2 4:29 Busting superstitions and removing the fear component: there’s time to educate yourself2 6:14 Is holistic care science-based? 27:06 Empower yourself on your healing journey2 8: 54 Looking at the person with the cancer , not the cancer in the person3 0:19 Treatment myths3 2:52 Is cancer a death sentence? 34:12 Mindset things: a positive visualization to help you on your path3 8: 45 The importance of taking action both “locally” and “globally” 42:49 Addressing our internal environment to brace our health4 4:13 Addressing our external environment to reinforcement our health4 6:42 Cancer: epigenetics or bad luck? 49:28 How noxious affairs can hinder your health5 2:56 The MVP( most valuable party) on your healing journey5 4:13 Do most people die from the primary tumor? 56:32 Exploring common toxic pathways1: 01:26 Dr. Tony’s number one step for an at-home care plan1: 06:30 The question that patients should query Dr. Tony( but that they routinely don’t)

More Info About Dr. Tony

Feel free to trip Dr. Tony’s website, Hope4Cancer. com, and to check out his excellent book, Hope for Cancer: 7 Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey.

You can also follow his work on social media 😛 TAGEND

YouTube: Hope4Cancer Treatment CentersFacebook: Hope4Cancer Treatment CentersInstagram: hope4cancermexicoPinterest: Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

Wrapping Up …

We hope you feel sanctioned after listening to Dr. Tony’s revelations. If there’s someone in your life who could benefit from this information, please share this interview with them.Also, if you have any reviews or know-hows to share, satisfy be assured to announce them in the comments below. That space, we can all learn from each other.

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