How to Prepare for a Spiritual Reading: Interview with Psychic Daska

How to Prepare for a Spiritual Reading: Interview with Psychic Daska | California Psychics Preparing for a Psychic Reading

The pandemic had me questioning a great deal of my minds and acceptances and I wanted to gain some insight into how this swelling I’m experiencing fits into my life’s purpose. I thought going a see could help me realize the bigger picture of my itinerary and maybe even plan for next year, but I have never come one before! So I sat down with Psychic Daska and invited her some questions prior to the opening of coming my learning to find out what to expect.

Aimee: Do I have to do anything to get ready for a interpret?

Psychic Daska: It’s always good to take a few minutes to tighten. Try to avoid coming into the reading with extremely high or low feelings. If you get a reader who is an Empath, your emotions are going to kind of “spill” into the reading and that usually isn’t good. Likewise, judge beforehand about the topic you’d like to cover in the say. That utters it easier for both you and the reader because there’s a clear line between where we are going and what we’re doing. It’s okay to deviate off topic every so often if something else comes up, but in general, it’s always good to come in with some meaning of what you want to know about.

Aimee: Do I need a list of questions? What if I don’t have one?

Psychic Daska: You don’t need one, but you do need to have an idea about what you would like to focus on. I often speak for people who want a general interpret, but that can mean different things to different people. If a consumer doesn’t have a set of questions, I’ll always ask if they have a part of their lives that they would like to concentrate on. That seems to get the spark proceeding and it obligates it easier for them to articulate their questions.

Aimee: Will you be able to tell me my future accurately?

Psychic Daska: Unfortunately , no. Hollywood has given us very high expectations to live up to! What we share with our patients is the future that’s most probable. Always remember that everyone has free will, which I call our “get-out-of-jail-free” card. People can change and deepen their lives and the outcomes.

Aimee: Any admonition for what to do if what we hear is not exactly what we wanted to hear?

Psychic Daska: You have to be open to the possibility and not come in attached to an expected outcome, because sometimes what you think you demand isn’t inevitably what you need. I believe in being honest and not sugarcoating things, but also in giving beings a positive outlook on the situation. For instance: Maybe this relationship didn’t work out how you craved and these are the reasons, but now you get to look forward to this other opportunity coming your route.

Aimee: How do you know if the reader is the right one for you?

Psychic Daska: If you have a good connection with a reader, you’ll get a nice warm feeling from the person or persons. It’s just like when we meet parties in our day-to-day life-times; there is an opportunity clear us feel either at ease or suspicious. Luckily, we have many psychics available, so you’ll most likely find one with who you are connect.

Well , now I’m quite prepared to get my reading! I emphatically went that delightful warm feeling from Daska, and she’s clearly a reader I’ll go back to another time. Thank you!

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