In 2021, Start Making The First Move

In 2021, become the first move. Don’t hamper yourself back out of fear of refusal. Take lucks so you don’t end up living the same exact life you’ve been complaining about living for years. If there’s something you dislike about your world, then pour all of your vigour into changing it. Put in the effort, even though it scares you.

Yes, you might end up failing, but at least you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be. At least you won’t have to spend all of your days wondering what would’ve happened if you took action. At least you won’t have to kick yourself for playing it so safe. At least you’ll be proud of yourself for trying.

In 2021, chase after the things you crave “the worlds largest”. Don’t let yourself overthink things. Don’t talk yourself out of taking perils that excite you. You don’t want to deplete your whole life waiting for the perfect moment to make a move. You don’t want to be a passive actor in your own life.

You’re not supposed to settle for the easiest life. You’re supposed to strive for something better, something that does you feel good about waking up each morning.

In 2021, stop allowing your fear to trick you into keeping gentle. Stop allowing your incredulities to convince you this is as good as you’re going to get. There are so many beautiful things in your future — but they aren’t going to fall into your sip. You have to chase after them. You have to put faith in your abilities. You have to believe in your own potential.

In 2021, don’t allow opportunities to pass you by. Don’t let your regrets build and develop. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow wishing you made a different decision. You don’t want to be mad at yourself for doing good-for-nothing when you could’ve done something.

In 2021, tell other beings how you feel. Don’t hold back your kindness, your compliments, your adoration. Even if you get turned down by someone, at least you improved their trust. At least you enlivened the working day. Just because you didn’t get the result you require in the end doesn’t mean that what the hell are you did was pointless. It still impounds entailing. You has also continued be glad you put yourself out there when it’s so much easier to stay quiet.

In 2021, stop waiting for other people to do the work for you. If you have feelings for someone, discuss the matter. Don’t wait for them to understand all of the clues you’ve been flatten. Don’t wait for them to ask you out. Don’t wait for them to make the risk so you don’t have to leave your own ease zone.

In 2021, prepare the first move. Make your feelings known. There’s nothing wrong with being an open journal, with acting vulnerable, with sharing your deepest excitements.

Whether you was acknowledged by your feelings or not, there’s always a chance you’re going to get your heart transgres, so you might as well take a chance on love. You might as well take control of the situation instead of waiting for life to happen to you. TC mark

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