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My Daily Dozen checklist includes all the healthiest of healthy meat I try to fit into my routine each day. Whether you have been tracking your Daily Dozen for years or are brand-new to it, you’re invited to join us for 11 weeks of the assistance provided emails to assist you Do the Dozen with ease! Each week, we will send you an email with tips, manoeuvres, information, and delectable recipes to assist you incorporate some of the Daily Dozen into your regular dinner rotations.

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Valentine’s Gift Fundraiser valentine fundraiserThis Valentine’s Day, give your loved one the offering of a personal message from Dr. Greger in a special video he’ll record on your behalf. The first 100 contributors to donate $100 using this form will get a personalized video via email for their loved one. Just tell Dr. Greger what you’d like him to say!

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The Role of Diet in Racial Health DisparitiesWith mortality rate as much as six times higher in Black America than white-hot America, COVID-1 9 placed a glaring spotlight at racial health disparities in the United States. In my upcoming hour-long live webinar, I’ll address the question of why Black Americans have been living sicker and dying younger than their white counterparts space before the pandemic started. Even with the same education and socioeconomic sources, Black Americans suffer disproportionately from chronic disease. What capacity may dietary blueprints play this game, and what happens when you feed parties soul menu that’s good for the being and put plant-based nutritions to the test?

Webinar Date& Time: Friday, January 22 from 3pm to 4pm ET

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B12 InfographicNew readers to my newsletter looked forward to receiving a free infographic on my recent B12 recommendations.

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New Year’s Resolutions Already Slipping?

review and renewJoin Dr. Greger and psychologist Dr. Doug Lisle in this mini course, hosted by state tutor Dr. Jen Howk. Starting in january 26 to 29, this new webinar streak will discuss why willpower alone is often not enough to enable us to reach our health aims. Register at

Top 3 Videos of the Month

Do Vegans Really Have More Bone Fractures ?

Tune in to the recording of the live, one-hour presentation on the recent EPIC-Oxford study observes that suggested plant-based eating has adverse effects on bone health.

What’s the Ideal BMI?What’s the Ideal BMI ?

Is there a unisex graph to see what your optimal force might be based on your stature?

FBF - Dr. G in the Kitchen - dessertFlashback Friday: Dr. Greger in the Kitchen–My New Favorite Dessert

Dr. Greger lashes up some matcha ice cream inspired by a recipe in his How Not to Die Cookbook.

Volunteer Spotlight: Viviana Garcia VGarciaPhoto

Reading How Not to Die back in 2016 had a great impact on me, so I borrowed a WFPB diet and connected NutritionFacts as a volunteer translator. It is an honor to contribute so that science-based information on nutrition is available to beings in Spanish-speaking countries. Our healthier options have a positive effect on our families, on public health worldwide, and on the lives of our planet, so I appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with a great team.

My favorite recipe: Golden quinoa tabouli from Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die Cookbook, as I enjoy chickpeas and turmeric!

Live Q& As January 28

Live Q&AEvery month, I do live Q& As right from my treadmill, and January 28 is the day.

Join on our Facebook sheet or YouTube canal at 3pm ET. I’ll be streaming to both at the same time.

I am also excited to have the opportunity to speak live with Tracye McQuirter, MPH. Join us on Instagram at 5pm ET.

Tracye McQuirter, MPH, is an award-winning public health nutritionist, 34 -year vegan, and writer of Ageless Vegan and By Any Greens Necessary. She recently created the 10, 000 Black Vegan Women crusade, curing 12,000 women and counting to take back control of their health.

You can find links to all of my past live Q& As here on If that’s not enough, recollect I have an audio podcast to keep you company.

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In health, Michael Greger, M.D.

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