Larry Wheels Sets a New Powerlifting World Record – 2,370 Pounds At Arnold 2020

Larry Wheels is a name that every professional powerlifter recognizes nowadays. The chap is one of the best young powerlifters, and a famous social media personality. This weekend at the Arnold stage Larry smoked the challenger and designated a new world powerlifting record by 0.1 lbs. Larry made some huge digits in Columbus which established him a 1075 kg/ 2370 lb total fresh without packages at the weight of 308lbs; The previous record was just 0.1 lbs less( 2369.9 lbs) and was held by Eric Lilliebridge. These were Lary Wheels’ 3 big-hearted elevations: 870 lb doodly-squat 645 lb terrace press 855 lb deadlift You can check

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